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It’s been a fantastic first week back! Along with their regular Arrowsmith program exercises, here’s what some of our MYP Arrowsmith students have been reviewing in their Arrowsmith Literacy and Mathematics programs this week.

In Literacy, they have been exploring persuasive writing and oral debate. Students were given opportunities to explore these concepts as a group, and in smaller, more individualised settings. They grappled with critical thinking questions, presenting answers to each other and attempting to convince one another of their perspectives. Additionally, some used sentence starters to write down their ideas, demonstrating improved use of persuasive vocabulary and sentence structures.

Students were also provided time to participate in reading-for-pleasure using “goof fit” texts this week. They were required to read aloud, reviewing oral expression skills and demonstrating comprehension of the books they read. Each student read a book appropriate to their ability level, but that challenged them with learning new vocabulary words. This reading initiative is delivered to the students in coordination with the Words Their Way spelling program, for those that require further development with phonemic awareness.

In the Mathematics sessions students have been working on their understanding and application of fractions. Fractions are everywhere! When eating, working, travelling or sleeping: fractions are a part of everyday life! During our sessions we have been using fractions to solve real life problems, in both the spoken and written forms, and making connections with the world around us. This week we took our learning outside, so as to take advantage of Phuket’s sunny weather this time of year.

Should you wish to find out more about the Arrowsmith Literacy and Mathematics programs, come to our classroom and see our students in action!