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UWC Day is an annual reminder that “You are needed!”

“There are three ways of trying to win the young. There is persuasion, there is compulsion, and there is attraction. You can preach at them: that is a hook without a worm. You can say, You must volunteer, and that is of the devil. You can tell them, You are needed. That appeal hardly ever fails.”

– Kurt Hahn, founder of UWC

Each one of us is needed in order to be the change towards peace and a sustainable future which we wish to see in the world. Listen to some of the reflections of the day from our secondary school student council members.

#UWCDAY 2020 Phuket, Thailand

Below is an inspiring UWC Day reflection by G12 student Tyler.

The twenty-first of September is a very special day for all alumni, supporters and students involved with the United World College movement, students mark it excitedly in their diary; UWC Day. Set to coincide with the United Nations World Peace Day, the day is focused on the advancement of the UWC mission internationally through actions on the local level. 

For 2020 I had the privilege of fielding a very talented and diverse team of UWC students from Grade 2-12 in the construction of a new habitat for the Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Project.

Our mission if we chose to accept it was as follows: transport construction materials up a very large hill, and start re-cementing old enclosures. The work was strenuous, and the materials incredibly heavy so we did what we do best and put our heads together. The solution: for a massive chain up the side of the mountain and pass the materials person to person to the top, so the strain was balanced between us. 

It was hard work, there is no sugar coating that fact, but there is nothing better than some good hard labour to build character! 

Personally speaking, getting involved with this project led me to meet and talk with amazing characters, across Grade levels and their stories. Motivations and dreams, allowing me to better embrace the community of UWC Thailand than any classroom could provide. The schools focus on service for others, as well as its special outdoor learning programme gives us really special opportunities like UWC day which makes the UWC experience just that much more valuable. 

The various students I interviewed about the day had all one thing to say about the experience; joy. 

After the job was done you could see on all of our faces the satisfaction of a job well done, we were all comrades in arms, united by this idea of pursuing peace and a sustainable future.

Tyler G12 UWC Thailand Student

Thank you so much to each and every who took part in UWC Thailand UWC Day activities. Your enthusiasm, help, and support have been incredible on #UWCDAY2020.

UWC Day 2020 at UWC Thailand in brief:

  • 1000’s of photos and videos were taken
  • Over 350 students actively engaged in projects where they were united in action- from mangrove pod planting to the K -PPP dance to painting Shaka UWC colours to building a change at the Gibbons Sanctuary
  • 1000 mangroves, 300 banana trees, 2 lychee trees, and numerous pots of herbs all planted
  • 73 bags of trash collected from around the island
  • 70 teachers, admin, support staff, and TAs involvement.
  • 19 minibuses
  • 16 student-led workshops
  • 14 activities led by Grade 11 students for their primary school buddies
  • 7 off-campus locations
  • 4 on-campus projects.