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As part of our Mental Health and Well-being week the students in Grade 6-10, will take part in a workshop geared towards the influence and use of technology. Based on the documentary “The Social Dilemma” the students will discuss, explore and begin to understand how technology connects us but also has unintended consequences. We are taking a look at how persuasive design techniques, like push notifications and likes and the endless scroll of your newsfeed, have created a feedback loop that keeps us glued to our devices.

Part of the documentary will be shown, followed by activities that will build on their experiences and will lead to action to protect their own wellbeing.

This workshop will be held on Thursday 9th September from 12:00 onwards. Period 5 (12:00 – 12:50) will be spent with teachers introducing the film and associated activities. The time after lunch will be given for students and hopefully parents to watch the film together. You may have time to watch the film as a family in the afternoon on Thursday, September 9th, or it may have to wait until that evening. We truly believe that film is important enough that you should try and watch it together as a family.

As we are in an online setting we are encouraging parents to watch the documentary with their child/children and discuss the discussion prompts together. At the same time, we welcome our community to reflect on their own practice. Have you always been wondering why it is so hard to put down your phone, or why your child is challenged to leave the iPad alone, then this is an invitation to learn more about the Social Dilemma that is visible all around us.

The full movie is available on youtube, as a school, we provide the students with an edited version.