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The Manta Guardians have made a food waste advertisement in the style of an airline safety video, which encouraged students and teachers to separate their plate waste into the appropriate bins- to watch the video follow this link. This video was then followed by a student-driven “silent protest” around the school to support high-quality food separation for all students and staff!

It has been a busy year with many in the school working hard to make our systems run more sustainably. We have made some progress and positive steps forward which we would like to share with you. 

Plate and kitchen waste:

Khun Chai, a local pig farmer, now collects all of our food scraps- plate waste from the canteen, in addition to the kitchen waste that is generated during food preparation. This is reducing waste (approximately two full garbage bags per school day) that was previously incinerated down in Phuket Town. Unplated food waste that is not served is carefully repackaged and gifted to Scholars Of Sustenance.

Garden Green Waste:

All green garden waste is now being composted. Leaf clippings, hedge cuttings etc are all now composted in a trenching style system on-site at Thanyapura. This new practice will minimize waste that was previously taken to Phuket Town for incineration. According to Thanyapura, this is reducing approximately 150 bags of waste per month.

The Recycling Centre:

Students in Primary are now recycling materials in each building- paper, plastic, cardboard and glass. Students have set up bins and signage to encourage the separation of these materials so that they can periodically be taken to the recycling centre at the front of the school. This centre has been modified thanks to a Secondary CCA group, making the centre more accessible, and easier to manage thanks to their partition system. They have also added signage in a range of languages to iterate the personal responsibility and need to separate recycled items.

The Grade 2 Garden:

Grade 2 has created their own garden space that has been an asset to many students’ learning across ECC and PYP. Plans have been made to extend this garden space to create a school community garden, including water catchment and a student-designed compost system nearby.

Housekeeper & Garden Workshop:

Earlier in March, some teachers held a workshop for the gardeners and housekeeping staff, to inform them ofcurrent &  upcoming student-initiated projects. The discussions were based on how we can all work together more efficiently and sustainably. It was also a good opportunity to show our appreciation for all of the hard work that they already do for us.


Mangrove planting has continued as part of Grade 4’s Service Learning experience, this year planting at a new conservation site in Ban Para. Students planted approximately 500 mangroves, of which 180 were raised in our own mangrove nursery. This brings the total planted through the MANTA program to approximately 15,000 trees. We are looking into the possibility of carbon offsetting for our school. More information on this will come later in the year…

Manta Guardians:

This CCA on Tuesday has designed a system to store our disused batteries, with three areas for drop off available- at each entrance of the school, and additionally at the front door of the school reception. Please bring any used batteries to dump in these stores to save any risk of pollution- they are already filling up fast! There are currently no known recycling systems for used batteries in Thailand, so we shall store them until we find a responsible solution.

We are proud of how our community works together to find sustainable solutions and the individual steps that we are all taking to make improvements towards a more sustainable self, community and island. UWCT will continue to put sustainability at the forefront of what we stand for, taking action in creating a more sustainable future.