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Each year the UWCT staff come together to support the National Committee scholars in areas where they may not be able to support themselves. These students, who join us at UWCT, are often on scholarships from their National Committees, private donors, or from UWCT itself. They often do not have the financial means to take part in additional activities, however, they are excited to try activities that they may never have had the opportunity to try before. 

The Student Enrichment Fund (SEF) is a staff only donation fund. The SEF committee, led by Kru Heidi and supported by Kru Len, Kru Nicki and Kru Ann, receives applications from students and they then decide whether the student should be allocated the amount requested. Each student has to follow the application process, which includes an explanation as to why and how the request will benefit both them and the school. Where possible, the student will be expected to use the skill or knowledge gained by passing it on to another student, group or class. The SEF committee has been in place now for 5 years and the process of money allocation is stringent and well documented. All money in this fund remains in this fund and is for student use only. 

Last year some of the activities that the students got to experience were; scuba diving, music lessons, rock climbing, online courses (due to Covid). The funds also went to helping pay for Duke of Edinburgh fees, research projects for student IB courses, transport to activities off-campus. Sometimes it is simply a car ride to Muay Thai that can make all the difference. 

Watch this short student video of thanks prepared by the students who reflect on the activities which have been supported by the Student Enrichment Fund. 

Student Enrichment Fund

Thank you so much to all UWCT staff who donate monthly. Many have been contributing for a few years and their generosity has not gone unnoticed. Every year we are in awe of the commitment that our staff make to supporting the UWCT students.