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The Primary Years Programme (PYP) at UWCT encompasses Nursery to Grade 5. Throughout the PYP, children are provided with the opportunities to be an agent for their own and others’ learning through the concept of learner agency. Learner agency is connected to a student’s belief in their own ability to succeed; where they use his/her own initiative and will in order to take responsibility and ownership for their learning. This is supported through a holistic approach to learning and teaching that is concept-driven, skills-focused, and designed in a manner that encourages children to inquire, question, wonder, research, act, and reflect about themselves, others and the world around them. Understanding what sparks curiosity and motivates our learners is the foundation of our approach to the learning and teaching within our Units of Inquiry. Our students’ academic experience is further enriched by dedicated class time for Art, Music, Physical Education, Thai Language and Culture, and Mindfulness practice. Our class sizes are modest, ensuring teachers have an opportunity to differentiate for student needs. 




幼儿早期教育中心(ECC)由托儿所、学前班和幼儿园班组成。我们的幼儿早期教育中心坚信IB-小学课程(PYP)的课程框架。 which is created with current research and best practices in early childhood education in mind. In the PYP, children learn through questions, ideas, and observations (called inquiry); in the ECC, play and authentic exploration are the main vehicles that drive this learning and development. Our ECC programme first seeks to understand the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of each child. We listen intently to the needs, interests and experiences of our learners and act to create environments for each child to become the best versions of themselves while embodying the IB Learner Profile. We value fun and curiosity -- we know that in many cases, the ECC is the first educational experience for our young learners and we know that students “who feel good, also do good.”

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