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Over the past two years, the Middle Years Program (MYP) student council has been working on a project to double the number of trees on the UWCT campus. This project started with counting and mapping out all the current trees on campus and then finding a way to start the doubling process. 

Last year, a grade 12 student Elina, introduced the MYP student council to the NGO she works with, Plant for the Planet. This initiative reiterated the importance of adding more trees to our campus and how this would have a global positive impact on the environment.

After months of meetings and discussions, the MYP student council finally had two fundraising opportunities at the Secondary sports day and swimming gala. Here they sold refreshments and to put towards their trees. 

In the last week of the school year, the first 3 trees under the PLANT A TREE FOR UWCT project were planted. These are with only 307 trees to go, the student council is very excited to start the new school year and continue their hard work. Now that the foundation work has been completed, the planting can continue. 

Why do we want to do this?

  • For sustainability 
  • For reducing our carbon footprint
  • For outdoor learning Spaces
  • To change the aesthetic of our school
  • To produce our own fruits
  • To acknowledge family and staff who have been apart of the UWCT family for more than 5 years!
  • For fun and new play areas