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A new school year is upon us and on behalf of 坦亚普拉(Thanyapura) and the culinary team, welcome back.  

We have been keeping busy and productive over the last few months developing lots of new recipes for students and teachers.  Like any craft it is important to continue to innovate and be creative in the kitchen. Our chefs have been busy training and developing throughout the lockdown.  

We are excited and proud to launch our new school menu this term.  

New Menu

‘’Variety is the spice of life’’ and I have kept this in mind for the menu development. With over 60 nationalities of students and teachers, with ages ranging from 2 years old to 50+… creating a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with 2 snacks per day is no mean feat! We like a challenge, as this is of course how we learn and progress.  

As a Holistic Chef I believe food nutrition is paramount, particularly for school kids and teachers, whom have to be kept fueled, energized and nourished throughout the days and weeks. Food wastage, environmental impact and sustainability are all part of our core values at Thanyapura…  these factors have been taken into consideration for the menu development also. I would like to update you with some of the new and updated features from our culinary offerings…  

‘’Variety is the spice of life’’

Click here to view the September 2020 menu

Food Sourcing – Fresh is best  

We have developed great relationships with our purveyors over the years here at Thanyapura. This is a very important relationship. Our suppliers’ source us the best ingredients available at markets. 

We are also very excited with our organic farm developments at Thanyamundra in Khao Sok national park. 

I have been visiting the gardeners here over the past few months, working with them to expand the farm to suit our needs. Thanyamundra organic garden sure is a magical place, surrounded by tropical wildlife and un-spoilt nature. The irrigation system feeds off the pristine river water coming down from the national park. A totally magical place, we are so happy to incorporate the organic ingredients from Khao Sok into our menus. 

Nutrition & Health 

Morgane Quinchon, our in-house registered dietician has given our menu the stamp of approval – with some points for helping kids (and teachers!) make more informed choices of what is best to put on their plate. Good nutrition is of the utmost importance for children’s development and to support their energy needs throughout the day. This is our priority and something I believe in strongly.  

‘’Our health is our greatest wealth’’ 

All our snacks have been designed to be as healthy as possible, while still appealing to children’s pallet… not an easy and straight forward task! Along with my talented bakery team, we have developed probably the best gluten-free and vegan muffins in Thailand. Healthy muffins made using a gluten-free flour blend, fresh vegetable purees as natural sweeteners and a natural blend of flours and starches to replace the eggs, with the addition of seeds and spices these muffins are a winner.  

We are delighted to partner with Jiraporn foods 和 Xongdur who provide us with some of our healthy snack options, along with our own homemade cookies, muffins and other snacks made with low unrefined sugars and healthier flour.   

Thailand has an abundance of fresh tropical fruits; we rotate our menu so we serve 2 different seasonal fruits each day so the children can have a variety of nutrients throughout the week. 

Sustainability – Meatless Mondays – Go Green  

We stand by our core values in doing what we can in reducing our environmental impact and introducing students (and teachers!) to healthier vegetarian and vegan foods. Every Monday we do a ‘’meat-less” menu, reducing our meat option to just 1 dish, while increasing our vegetarian and vegan options. Moving forwards, we hope to increase this to 100% meat-free Monday.  

Cultural Diversity  

Celebrating regional cuisines from around the world – every Friday we will continue our popular themed menus. Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Chinese, North African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean are some of our upcoming regions of celebration.  This is an exciting learning event for both our chefs and students! For the chefs it is an opportunity to learn about new dishes, ingredients or techniques and for students it is a nice opportunity to learn about another country’s cuisine, taste new ingredients and flavor combinations  

In the boarding house we have updated menus with weekend cultural themes and live stations to make more of a dining experience. Students can learn how to make their own Mexican tacos and sushi rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls or enjoy a Moroccan inspired tagine. 

Food Education  

Our Thanyapura nutrition team will present 3 workshops to UWCT throughout the school year. Everyone is welcome to join. Our first one is scheduled for November to coincide with Mental health awareness month. Stay tuned for more details.  

Allergen awareness 

This is a very hot topic. We cannot overlook the seriousness of food allergens and how they can negatively affect some people.  All our dishes have food tags to inform students and teachers of known allergens such as gluten, soy, dairy and shellfish which are the main culprits. We are a nut-free school to eliminate the risk of peanut allergy reactions.  

For our students who do have specific dietary needs we continue to adapt our menus to provide an alternative they can enjoy. 

Food Safety  

With new normal and new procedures, we have been busy training the team and implementing new systems, we are very happy with our new Eco Lab partnership, whom support us every step of the way and ensure we are kept up to date on covid-19 cleaning procedures and new data. 

Food re-distribution project 

Scholars of sustenance (SOS) are our food redistribution partners. The nature of buffet service means there is always going to be some leftover foods. Putting food in the bin really upsets me for a number of reasons… The main reason being that so many people around the world go hungry everyday, meanwhile perfectly good edible food is going to landfill. SOS fill the gap and provide the food re-distribution service to groups in the local community who need it. 

Seasonal Healthy Recipes 

Please join our Whisk community, it’s an online recipe sharing community I created to share some of our school recipes. Feel free to add and share some of your favorite family recipes, maybe we can get them on the school menu next term! 

Here is one of my favorite healthy snack recipes I would like to share with you: 

Carrot & Walnut Cake Booster Balls

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If there is anything you would like to get in touch with me about, please drop me an email jamie.raftery@thanyapura.com 

Good health wishes,  

Jamie and the Thanyapura Culinary Team