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The UWCT MANTA group was very busy on Saturday, January 12th helping to reforest a mangrove area and having the first training to become Open Water SCUBA divers.

In the morning, 20 students and three teachers traveled to the Mak Prok area in Phuket to plant 450 mangroves. 300 trees came from local nurseries and 150 trees came from the UWCT nursery. Members of UWCT have been planting there for four years and we have planted well over 4000 plants there. It was fantastic to see the growth over the past years.

Later in the afternoon, nine students traveled to Sea Bees in Nai Yang to have their first SCUBA pool session. The students were all very comfortable and did a great job. They will have one more pool session and then two open ocean sessions before they will be certified SCUBA divers. These students will then continue the coral monitoring project established at UWCT two years ago.