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Teamwork in Action at the First Lego League Robotics Competition

Last weekend (March 16-17), our team of eight students from grades 6-8 participated for their third year in a row at the First Lego League (FLL) Competition in Bangkok. They represented UWC Thailand very well with their positive energy and focus on Teamwork (Trust, Empathy, Appreciation, Mindfulness, Work-ethic, Organization, Resilience and being Knowledgeable). Our team prepared for this event since early in the school year, with it all coming together at the event where they shared their project presentation, their robot designs, their CORE values and by completing challenges in the Robotics Competition.

About First Lego League:

First Lego League takes place around the world each year and combines coding and robotics skills with important life skills like teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

This year’s theme was called Into Orbit and our team focused their project presentation on finding sustainable solutions to the problem of space junk.

We would like to continue to grow and support students in participating in FLL and look forward to having more students join the team in the 2019-2020 school year.