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Grade 1 take their Learning Outside


一年级重新回到了他们的 "户外教室",目前位于Layan海滩的沙岸上。这个地方非常适合他们的学习,因为我们正在探究 "分享地球 "单元,并关注 "人们的选择会影响海洋及其居民 "这一中心思想。...

What’s going on in the UWCT boarding house?

Over the past few weeks, our boarding house has grown as we have welcomed many new awesome students and new staff from all corners of the world to our already phenomenal group of returning students and staff. Despite our learning taking place online, as a way of...
The Gift of Play

The Gift of Play

Since the success of Project Independence, the generosity of our school community continues to impact our campus and the learning experiences of our students.  Last year many of our students, staff and parents were involved in re-imagining many of our outdoor...