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Davis UWC Scholars Program

Davis UWC Scholars Program

University Scholarship Opportunities for UWC Graduates: The Davis UWC Scholars Program Our graduates are change-makers with depth of character, grit and initiative. The worldwide reputation enjoyed by UWC Thailand’s learning programme means that our students are...
Class of 2022 University Entrances


Everything we do at UWC Thailand is geared towards equipping our students for the future (which for most is to attend university), so it’s no wonder that so many of our graduates are accepted to outstanding universities and colleges throughout Europe, Asia,...
Why Do We Do Camp?


From Hong Kong to Phuket: One UWC Thailand Family’s Journey


作者:Denise Gilmartin,Lexi(4年级)和Tess(2年级)的家长,2016年从香港搬到普吉岛 当我第一次告诉我的朋友和家人,我们要从香港搬到普吉岛时,他们以为我在开玩笑。"所以你们现在只是要在海滩上啜饮迈泰酒?",他们嘲笑道。"那你的工作呢?
Gymnastics Show and Competitions


2021年11月30日和12月1日,70名学生参加了普吉岛体操俱乐部在泰国UWC举办的两年一度的体操表演和比赛。  我们为他们中的每一个人感到骄傲。他们的表演取得了巨大的成功,特别是由于我们...