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Interscholastic sports competitions, tournaments and matches are back!


作者:Joost Langendonck,体育部主任兼小学部体育负责人及教师 幸运的是,在过去的几周里,我们已经能够恢复与其他国际学校的游泳、篮球和足球比赛,这些比赛由于新冠疫情而暂停了几个月。这些定期比赛为我们的年轻运动员提供了练习、学习、成长和提高技能的宝贵机会。
Gymnastics Show and Competitions


2021年11月30日和12月1日,70名学生参加了普吉岛体操俱乐部在泰国UWC举办的两年一度的体操表演和比赛。  我们为他们中的每一个人感到骄傲。他们的表演取得了巨大的成功,特别是由于我们...
65 Swimmers Dive into the School Year

65 Swimmers Dive into the School Year

It’s been a great start to the year for our MANTA swimmers who’ve been in the water training now for the last 3 weeks. With a current number of 65 swimmers training, we hope to have a highly competitive group this year, once competitions start up again.  We...
Student Enrichment Fund (SEF)

Student Enrichment Fund (SEF)

Each year the UWCT staff come together to support the National Committee scholars in areas where they may not be able to support themselves. These students, who join us at UWCT, are often on scholarships from their National Committees, private donors, or from UWCT...