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Our administration and support staff work behind the scenes to keep the school systems running. Each department works closely with our teaching and learning staff to deliver a transformational experience for students.


Photo of Merrick Fairall Merrick Fairall Boarding Mentor / High Peformance Athlete Coordinator / Head swim coach
Photo of Pailin Panchalard Pailin Panchalard 宿管助理
Photo of Beverly Renaux Beverly Renaux 寄宿辅导员
Photo of Ranee (Tik) Wanyee Ranee Wanyee 宿管经理


Photo of Mutita (Zin) Boonsop Mutita Boonsop 应付账款
Photo of Thidarat (Preaw) Bumrungrat Thidarat Bumrungrat 校车跟车专员
Photo of Darinpen Chanapai Darinpen Chanapai 账户助理
Photo of Napapen (Jang) Chanpen Napapen Chanpen 高级会计师
Photo of Saowalak (Pan) Chantasom Saowalak Chantasom 人力资源和薪酬经理
Photo of Kampanat (KC) Chomjampee Kampanat Chomjampee 校长和校主任个人助理
Photo of Nattaya (Nat) Gilbey Nattaya Gilbey 会计师
Photo of Pichit (Bus) Hahwa Pichit Hahwa 采购经理
Photo of Panassaya (Pear) Jaengjamras Panassaya Jaengjamras 中学校长个人助理
Wuttichai Khiadnoi 司机
Photo of Warattaya (Oon) Leelakun Warattaya Leelakun 招生专员
Photo of Darunee (Kan) Ondam Darunee Ondam 招生经理
Photo of Preyaphorn (Mook) Pong-aksorn Preyaphorn Pong-aksorn 行政协调员--学校活动、运动、服务、旅行和营地
Photo of Chomplearn (Mum) Rattanakup Chomplearn Rattanakup 资源专员
Photo of Surachai (Pu) Rayakul Surachai Rayakul 司机
Photo of On-Anong (Kade) Saelim On-Anong Saelim 政府联络员和人力资源主管
Photo of Chanida (Nida) Samerpop Chanida Samerpop 学校前台接待员
Photo of Natchaya (Beer) Seejunjang Natchaya Seejunjang 行政主管
Photo of Phatchara (Bee) Sirilap Phatchara Sirilap 应付账款
Photo of Sarucha Lin Somanatrsorn Sarucha Somanatrsorn 学校护士

She is a nurse who has experience both in the hospital and school. She found that many of the medical problems were related to the environment and food. So her passion is to make the people healthier, the country is liveable by planting big trees to produce more oxygen, produce organic fruits and veggies for safe food, encourage people to plant and consume their healthy food. She believes that prevention is always better than cure. Of course, her hobby is planting and sport.

Photo of Kwansiri (Kwan) Sombat Kwansiri Sombat 小学校长个人助理
Photo of Jintana (Ple) Songnopparat Jintana Songnopparat 校车跟车专员
Photo of Sutarsinee (Coco) Suanplee Sutarsinee Suanplee 办公室经理
Photo of Yuranan (Arm) Thongwichian Yuranan Thongwichian IT Manager
Photo of Wendy Van Bramer Wendy Van Bramer Director of DP Admissions and NC Liaison

Wendy comes to UWCT after 28 years at a large international school in Bangkok and has more than 30 years of experience in Thailand. She began her educational career in Adult education but soon discovered that she enjoyed teaching children much more and taught both ESOL amd Grade 6 Humanities many years before moving into admissions and alumni. Wendy has a BA in Asian Studies and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and is actively involved with her admissions counterparts in the EARCOS Region. Wendy has been interested in travel and other cultures from a young age and as a result was selected to be an AFS International Exchange Student to Thailand while in high school. Both of her children were born and raised in Bangkok and are proud IB Diploma Program graduates. Presently her daughter is in LA and her son in Wisconsin. Wendy enjoys swimming and biking and – as a proud owner of the Green Bay Packers NFL team – loves watching American Football.

Photo of Teerakit (Off) Vichitanankul Teerakit Vichitanankul 市场营销与活动协调员

I was born and raised in Bangkok and moved to Phuket after graduated in Mass coms major in Film study. I started my career as a marketer 12 years ago and photography is my favorite. I am a passionate driven person who have a true free spirit – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. I don’t just care about having a good time. A deep conversation – as does their longing for meaningful, emotional connections with other people.
I believe that photography can change the world.

Photo of Inna Wareesri Inna Wareesri 行政助理
Photo of Jason Whitnell Jason Whitnell MYP体验式教学

Jason’s health & safety background is from my previous life as a firefighter within the UK for 23 years. Previously I worked at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Kenya. I’m a keen outdoor geek enjoying cycling, surfing, running & swimming. Within UWCT I’m a kayak instructor & Duke of Edinburgh supervisor & assessor. I oversee our medical centre and provide first-aid courses for our staff & students. My motto, ‘if you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live’.

Photo of Thirasak (Yong) Wongsawangwech Thirasak Wongsawangwech 助理IT经理
Photo of Kanyarat (Mangpor) Yoonin Kanyarat Yoonin 学校护士
Photo of Kamonwan (Nok) Yuangyai Kamonwan Yuangyai 财务部主任
Photo of Muchanga (Mu) Zebron Muchanga Zebron 高级营销与传播经理

Mu has a track record of involvement in a broad range of projects in various marketing teams. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Florida and is currently pursuing her Masters in Sustainable Development. Mu has experience in brand development, innovation and marketing teams, and her design background has given her the technical competence to create, manage and run successful communications campaigns. As a UWC-USA Graduate (2008) she is keen to utilize her experience to share the mission and vision of the UWC and support the UWC movement. She loves to travel and had studied, lived and worked in the USA, China, Italy, France, Zambia and most recently Switzerland. In her free time, Mu is an avid Do-It-Yourself enthusiast and enjoys crafts, fashion, photography and cooking. She is here with her husband Gareth, their daughter Aria and furbaby Loki.

Photo of Linjie Zhou Linjie Zhou 双语招生与传播协调员

Linjie Zhou holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Management from Chulalongkorn University and a double Bachelor’s degree in English and Chinese as a Foreign Language from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She has worked as a curator and art director at V64 Art Studio, marketing director at Hof Art Space, curator at SAC Art Center and S.A.C. Gallery, and is the co-founder of Offbeat Box in Bangkok and L.A.P. Gallery in Wuhan. She has vast experience in communication, and creates the brand stories for our school. She understands the power of an individual’s unique background to unite the community, and loves being able to share the value of the diverse members in our community.She loves music, art, travel and language, and has been living in Thailand for over 10 years, as her second motherland, with her husband Cecê Nobre and their son Taj Nobre.


Photo of Duangtawan (Pae) Chaikhiri Duangtawan Chaikhiri 保洁员
Photo of Khomthong Chantamat Khomthong Chantamat 保洁员
Photo of Prayoon Choochart Prayoon Choochart 保洁员
Photo of Maitree Jarajit Maitree Jarajit 保洁员
Photo of Nutjakorn Jungpat Nutjakorn Jungpat 保洁员
Photo of Chiranan Kaeokhonkaen Chiranan Kaeokhonkaen 保洁员
Photo of Thaifa (Tan) Khlaisuban Thaifa Khlaisuban 保洁员负责人
Photo of Supansa (Fon) Kingthong Supansa Kingthong 保洁员
Photo of Narumol (Pla) Korkittipong Narumol Korkittipong 保洁员
Photo of Rowsida Pleeta Rowsida Pleeta 保洁员
Photo of Arunee (Nee) Puangkrathok Arunee Puangkrathok 保洁员
Photo of Ratda Sangkasri Ratda Sangkasri 保洁员
Pasuk Sangphokaew 保洁员
Photo of Pranom (Ann) Somboonnoi Pranom Somboonnoi 保洁员
Photo of Wanna (Na) Somnnuek Wanna Somnnuek 保洁员
Photo of Montein Somnuek Montein Somnuek 维修专员
Photo of Kwanjai Srisamut Kwanjai Srisamut 保洁员
Photo of Apinya Tanpoean Apinya Tanpoean 保洁员

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