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– Laurie Stone, Grade 5 teacher
I’ve been teaching in International schools for 17 years now, and I have always relished the opportunity to include as much international and intercultural understanding as possible in the classroom. United World Colleges make these opportunities more available than any other school I have worked at. By deliberately bringing together a diverse group of young people, our community becomes a resource in and of itself. Recently, the Grade 5 students were inquiring into different world leaders to try to understand the responsibilities they have and how they affected and influenced their followers.
One of my students selected the Dalai Lama and was struggling to really grasp the responsibilities and influence of such a highly regarded spiritual leader. She ended up coming away from her research with more questions than answers. As her teacher, I didn’t have all the answers either, but I immediately knew someone who could help her. I had previously been fortunate to meet Sonam, a Grade 12 student who is Tibetan. As a Buddhist, she is directly influenced by the spiritual leadership of the Dalai Lama, and even plans to take Buddhist studies in University. Sonam graciously helped my student and gave her answers that were authentic and could not be found by Google. This is a small example of how powerful the UWC mission of using education as a force to unite people, nations and cultures can be.