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In the first week of the October break, we (Rosalia, Asy, Frances and Thube) spent 5 days in Yaowawit School and lodge in Phang Nga, a 2-hour drive from UWCT. The experience was breath-taking because of the abundance of nature. The scenery there is just amazing with the sunset or fog after it rained. We went to see the nearby waterfalls and hot spring. The waterfall is really beautiful and we swam in the refreshing water there. We boiled eggs in the hot spring and enjoyed the view of the mountain and the lake full of fish. 

Although Yaowawits was having a midterm break, and all but four children stayed there we had a great time. Yaowawit has a small farm, where we learnt to milk goats which was fun. In the afternoon we played games and danced with the students, which was also so much fun. Everyday, we helped with gardening and farming which is the main way the organisation incorporates sustainable living in their everyday life. They shared with us how the organisation was founded and how it works and we discovered how it goes hand-in-hand with the UWCT mission and values as a school. We really appreciated helping out and learning new skills ourselves. It was so good to have home-cooked Thai food with the students and to spend our break in this way.

Yaowawit has something for everyone, and with their lodge, it makes accessible to all of you. 

To find out more go to http://www.yaowawit.org

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