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At UWC Thailand, students from grades 1 to 10 participate in yearly camps. These camps provide students with a week of outdoor learning, challenging themselves in new environments. Each camp is designed to incorporate age-appropriate challenges allowing students the opportunity to:

  • Develop aspects of personal responsibility and integrity, such as self-esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership, cooperation, tolerance and determination.
  • Develop aspects of mutual responsibility and respect, such as social awareness, positive relations, teamwork, communication skills, compassion for others and respect for diversity.
  • Through experiential learning, provide opportunities for a personal challenge by encouraging students to take the initiative and step out of their comfort zone.
  • Develop respect for the environment by emphasising our interrelationships and interdependence with natural systems.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the environment, leading to a willingness to take responsible action to protect it.
  • Teach outdoor education skills and knowledge that lead to intrinsic enjoyment and satisfaction and lifelong involvement in leisure activities in the outdoors.

Grade 4: Multi-activity Camp at The Playyard

This year our grade 4 students stayed in modern three to four-person tents at a site in northern Phuket. They took part in several activities, including biking and kayaking. Because biking was a significant component of this trip, the grade 4’s have practised bicycle skills at school since January.


Grade 5: Multi-activity Camp at The Playyard

Grade 5 students stayed at the same site in the three to four-person tents as the grade 4’s in northern Phuket.

The grade 5 camp was centred around hiking, biking, sailing and kayaking. Outdoor learning is a big part of our curriculum, and camps invite, encourages, and ultimately requires students to take the initiative.

Grade 6: Jungle Camp at Khao Sok

A 6-day camp in Eco Jungle Camp located in Khao Sok National Park.

Students were able to hike, kayak and learn a number of jungle survival skills. During the camp, students stayed in bungalows and tents, with groups switching halfway through camp.

Focussing on survival skills that would come in handy if we are ever stranded, students learned how to get water, build a shelter and make a natural whistle from bamboo. Learning how to make traditional Thai candy called Kanom Jak was a lot of fun and a highlight of the camp.

Grade 7: Dinghy Sailing Adventure at Koh Lon

Located on Koh Lon Island in the south of Phuket, our grade 7’s spent 6 beautiful days with Java Sailing.

The camp’s main objective was to learn sailing skills in a dinghy, which would be a launch point into their upcoming Outdoor Education unit, focused on dinghy sailing. The students improved teamwork, communication, and cooperation skills through lots of group activities such as cooking, sailing, tying knots, building sandcastles, and more. They learned better respect for nature and the environment around us by taking care of it by not littering and cleaning up after themselves.

Grade 8: Eco Climbing Experience in Krabi

Our grade 8 camp was in Krabi, Phuket’s neighbouring province. Students went rock climbing, visited coral restoration and seagrass projects, developed ideas on sustainable practices, and finished with an incredible sunrise hike. This camp created an excellent foundation for the upcoming climbing Outdoor Education unit.

Grade 9: Kayaking Expedition in Phuket

Grade 9 students embarked on a nine-day journey around Phuket’s east coast, putting the kayaking skills they have developed from the first semester to work. 

They spent a couple of days cementing their skills and setting up for their Duke of Edinburgh Practice Journey. Then they enjoyed days of activities, and a fun trip up through Phang Nga Bay on a cruiser to explore the islands.

Grade 10: Yachting & Maritime Skills in Phuket

This year, grade 10 students spent nine days primarily in Phuket and the surrounding islands. Students visited two different venues: Sail in Asia, where they spent the first three days learning to sail in 20 foot Platu’s (sailboats), and Galileo Maritime Academy learning essential maritime skills for the next four days. The round-up of the trip was a three-day sailing expedition on the east coast of Phuket. Students shared some of the goals they set and achieved during the trip:

  • Andrea wanted to get better at sailing and learn new seamanship skills.
  • Eilidh focused on learning how to sail for Duke Of Edinburgh and understanding sailing.
  • Azami worked on collaborative skills while discovering sailing.

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