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On Saturday March 16, QSI International School of Phuket hosted their annual Culinary Competi­tion on its campus. The competi­tion, dubbed the ‘Student Top Chef’, brought students from across the island together them battle in the kitchen for title of Top Chef.

For the UWC Thailand team, Thube, Marianne, Maanya, Mae Line and Karla it was an unforgettable experience because they had the chance to meet students from schools around Phuket and reputable chefs. In as much as they were all excited when they arrived, they couldn’t help be anxious about the competition. However, they were warmly welcomed and even assisted by the other teams.

UWCT students during the competition had the opportunity to create their own recipe as well as replicate a chefs dish.

“Before the competition started, one of the chefs showed us how to make an authentic mushroom dish which we had to replicate. We were then given an hour and a half to make the chef’s dish and another dish of our own and at the end we were able to present chicken or cheese and mushroom empanadas, chocolate mousse and then remade the chef’s dish. ” reflects Karla G11 student from Venezuela.

The UWCT team came second in the competition to QSI who snatched first place in the competition.

“We are more than grateful to teachers and staff members, who donated the ingredients for us to take part in this competition; Kru Heidi, who helped us with the organisation; and everyone who supported us emotionally. It is because of the wonderful support we received from the community that we managed to make it to second place and gain the beautiful experience of working together as a team and meeting amazing people here in Phuket, we are truly grateful.” says team member Thubelihle a G11 student from Eswatini.

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