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Our Teaching Staff

Our teachers are all qualified to teach internationally. About half of our faculty members have post graduate degrees, and they are highly trained in the IB. Several teachers are members of the IB Educators’ Network: a group who are called upon by the IB to participate in authorisation and evaluation visits of schools, to consult with new schools, and to offer training sessions all over Asia.

Specialist Staff

Photo of Jessica Beloded Jessica Beloded Learning Support (Arrowsmith Program)

“Three lines that describe who you are as an educator?
I strive to individualise my approach to teaching, so that I meet the needs of every student in my classroom. I incorporate social emotional learning and mindfulness into the day, so students can learn tool and strategies to support their learning and relationships in the classroom. Getting to know my students on a personal level so we can establish respecting relationships is my top priority.

Where you worked previously and who are you here with (partner, dog etc if applicable)?
I am entering my 9th year at this school (started in Grade 4 & then transferred to Grade 2, and am now managing the senior students in the AS Program), and prior to that I worked in Munich Germany teaching Grade 3. I’ve also worked in Canada and Australia before that. I am here in Phuket with my husband, daughter and 3 rescue cats.

What’s your ‘star’ quality or resume highlight?
I hold 2 advanced IB certificate qualifications 1) IB Advanced Leadership Practice and 2) IB Advance Leadership Research

What do you love to do?
Cooking without a recipe, outdoor aquatic activity and exercise, travelling the world and sampling various cuisines

Where have you taught?
Canada, Australia, Germany and Thailand

What’s notable about you?
I strive to achieve one random act of kindness a day”

Photo of Robert Carmichael Robert Carmichael Head of Outdoor Education, MYP Homeroom MYP EXPERIANTIAL LEARNING

As a naturally enthusiastic person, Rob has always been driven to seek out adventure. This has led him to both travel and work in a number of countries and he states he is lucky to have a wife who is equally ambitious in her will to explore. In the past few years they have added their amazing son and daughter to their expedition party.

Photo of Katharine (Katie) Feather Katharine (Katie) Feather Diploma Program Coordinator and DP Biology Teacher

Katie is an experienced DP Biology teacher and examiner who has lived and taught in Taiwan, London, New York, Dubai and now Phuket. She loves to get to know all the DP students through her work as DP Coordinator. She is a keen triathlete, having entered many races including an Ironman 70.3 where she very much embodies the ‘Sports for all’ philosophy! Katie is an animal lover and can often be spotted with her dog Tammy, who has just trained to become UWCT second therapy dog.

Photo of Joel Fisher Joel Fisher Learning Support (Arrowsmith Program)

Passionate about ensuring students grow to be the best person they can be socially, emotionally and academically using a range of tools, tips, tricks and techniques unique for each child.

Photo of Jen Friske Jen Friske PYP Coordinator

A firm believer in emotional engagement in learning, Jen is passionate about exploring learning designs which provoke learner curiosity and intrigue. She loves the collaborative nature of the PYP Coordinator role and values the opportunity to learn alongside, as well as support, the many talented and knowledgeable colleagues and students she works with on a daily basis. She arrived to Phuket and UWCT in 2019 with her husband, Kolin and their 2 spoiled Canadian cats in tow. Since arriving on Island, their family of cats has grown by 3 more, after taking in 3 kittens who were left on their on after the passing of their mum. Prior to joining UWCT, Jen was at a PYP school in Alberta, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Primatology, A Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary education, and a Masters in Education from the University of Alberta with a research focus on the student perspective of the PYP Exhibition. Outside of school life, Jen spends her time volunteering with the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project here in Phuket, exploring the local environment at every opportunity possible (recommendations for great local coffee shops are always appreciated!), travelling further abroad (whenever the opportunity presents itself again), running, and enjoying a sunset on the beach with friends.

Photo of Joost Langendonck Joost Langendonck Director of Sport & HoD PS Physical Eduaction

Previously the Athletic Director at the UWCSEA in Singapore, Berlin Brandenburg Int. school in Germany, Joost has also had extensive experience as the Head of PE at schools in Netherlands, Chile and Berlin. He is committed to the IB, having only worked at IB world schools over the last 22 years, teaching both PYP and MYP Physical Education. Joost has been at UWC Thailand for 4 years and in his role as Director of Sport is developing and expanding the inclusive, competitive & supportive aspects of our sports programme, from recreational to elites levels. Joost lives in Thailand with his wife Remke and his children Mijke and Elke. IN his spare time, he enjoys to be active in a wide variety of sports, travel when possible and spend time with his family and friends.

Photo of Remke Langendonck Remke Langendonck MYP Coordinator, MYP PE

Remke is an MYP workshop leader and has worked in Chile, Singapore (UWCSEA), Germany and Korea, where she has held various roles as Head of Department, Advisory Coordinator and Activities Coordinator. She is born in the Netherlands, trained as a whole school Physical Education Teacher with a specialism in Sports Management and holds a masters degree in advanced educational practice. Remke is MYP Coordinator and Head of Physical and Health Education and moved to UWC Thailand with her husband Joost and their two daughters Elke and Mijke. She is keen to explore the island by bike and hike through the jungles.

Photo of Heidi Oxley-Whitnell Heidi Oxley-Whitnell CAS & Service Learning Coordinator and Secondary P.H.E Teacher

Previously the Vice Principal of Student Life at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Kenya, Heidi has had extensive experience as the Head of PE at schools such as UNIS, New York, and The International School of Manila. She is committed to the concept of service learning and has led students working on projects in places such as Kenya, the Philippines and Cambodia. As well as CAS coordination and teaching P.E in the Secondary School, Heidi is responsible for ensuring that service remains a central component of a UWCT education with all students from K-G12 involved.

Photo of Len Peters Len Peters School and University Counsellor
Photo of Kelsey Petersen Kelsey Petersen Nusery to Grade 8 Counsellor

Kelsey is a school counselor from Minnesota, USA. She has worked in Minnesota as well as Chiang Mai, Thailand before moving to Phuket. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology and a Master in School Counseling. She values the importance of social and emotional health and believes it is an important aspect in students being able to achieve to their full ability. In her free time she enjoys soccer, biking, and eating tacos.

Photo of Nicolette Robertson Nicolette Robertson Chief Advancement Officer

Originally from South Africa and after 13 years in Hong Kong, I joined UWCT at its inception in 2016. Now, 5 years later, I am the Chief Advancement Officer, and a true believer of this incredible school’s mission and vision. In my time at UWCT I completed my Masters in Educational Leadership with a focus on Culturally Responsive Education and also led the school through the CIS and IB accreditation process. This year I am also joining the Manta PTA as the Staff Chair. The balance in my life comes from Mindfulness, running and spending time with my family and friends.

Photo of Steve Wallace Steve Wallace Director of Activities, Camps and Football
Photo of Kim Young Kim Young Head of Mindfulness

Kim is a mindfulness educator from Oregon, USA. She has worked at both public and international schools in the USA, Northern Marianas Islands, and Thailand. Kim has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Biology, and a Master of Arts in Teaching, with an endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages. Prior to teaching, she explored experiential education and obtained a Certificate in Outdoor Leadership. The past years have included mindfulness teacher training with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (UK), Mindful Schools (US), and Solterreno Academy (Spain) for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

She believes that nurturing wellbeing is an essential aspect of cultivating happiness and living a joyful and meaningful life. She brings a playful spirit to learning and honors how we are lifelong learners together. She embraces an attitude that challenges can be transformational experiences.

Kim enjoys connecting with nature, the arts, reading, cooking, walking on the beach, scuba diving, kayaking and river trips. She finds peace and connection in both solitude and sharing time with friends and family.

Teaching Staff

Photo of Suki Atherton Suki Atherton Secondary Drama/Theatre Teacher

“Suki is a Drama/Theatre teacher and the current Head of Arts at Victoria Shanghai Academy in Hong Kong.

Suki is joining UWC Thailand with Gabriel, her son.

As a drama school graduate and specialist teacher for many years, Suki finds great joy in facilitating students’ creative journeys.

Suki enjoys walking, exploring off-thebeaten track destinations and visiting Arts events. She has travelled extensively and also worked in the travel industry.

Suki has a Masters in International Education and Globalisation and has worked in a variety of schools in England and abroad, including Colombia and Malaysia.

She’s also worked as a speech and drama tutor and TEFL teacher.”

Photo of Srisuphak (MK) Boonbongkarn Srisuphak (MK) Boonbongkarn Thai Teacher

My name is Kru MK. This is my twelfth year here at UWCT. This is my third year as a Thai teacher and one part of the child protection team. Previously, I worked at the primary school as an education assistant and Tree club supervisor. This year I am teaching Thai Language Acquisition and Thai Language and Culture . In my free time, I love to spend time and travel with my family for seeking new experiences.

Photo of Geoffrey Buck Geoffrey Buck Secondary Science, Maths & TOK Subject Area Learning Leader for Science

Geoff is an experienced educator who began teaching in the UK, he then moved into international education and has since taught the IB curriculum in Tanzania and Thailand. Geoff specialises in teaching IB DP physics and TOK, although can sometimes also be found teaching mathematics and MYP science. Geoff originally studied philosophy at the University of Bristol and physics at the University of Sussex; he initially followed a career in aviation, working as a commercial pilot and a flying instructor, before returning to university to train as a secondary school teacher. Geoff is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm for scientific inquiry and deep philosophical questions; he enjoys helping students to improve their confidence and understanding of challenging concepts. When not in the classroom Geoff enjoys the outdoor Phuket life and likes to kitesurf and scuba dive; he also regularly plays tennis and tries to play the piano.

Photo of Michael Carberry Michael Carberry PYP & MYP PE Teacher

As a teacher I endeavour to provide opportunities for all students to appreciate and enjoy physical activities. I have an active and involved style of teaching aimed at getting students participating and reaching their full potential.

Photo of John Chiang John Chiang Secondary Chinese Teacher

-A good listener; I listen hard and then use what I hear to improve the communication.
 -A good performer who conveys knowledge with better skill and results. 
-A good communicator who usually notice when even one student among many does not understand, and make an effort to communicate individually when necessary.

Photo of Nathalie Chotard Chotard Nathalie Chotard Chotard MYP and DP French, Boarding house parent

As an international educator, the area that I found the most satisfying is supporting students exploring new interests. I enjoy listening; asking further questions in order to understand them better but also guide their own thoughts and encourage further reflection.

Photo of Tiffany Eaton Tiffany Eaton Primary Teacher – Grade 3

Kru Tiffany originally hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Development Studies, a Bachelor of Education (Concurrent) in Primary/Junior Education and a Masters of Education from Queen’s University in Canada. She has been in Thailand for the past 2 years with her husband, Kurtis, and their 3 children (Evelyn, Oskar and Thea). Prior to teaching at UWCT, Tiffany taught at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City for 6 years in a variety of roles such as Grades 4 teacher, Grade 5 teacher and Math Coordinator/Math Learning Coach of the Primary School. She has also taught in Canada, Central America, Italy, Uganda and China and also works for the International Baccalaureate (IB) as a PYP workshop trainer to other PYP teachers around the world. In her (minimal) spare time she enjoys the beach, reading, playing with art, sharing a good meal with friends, exploring new places and can often be spotted chasing after her children.

Photo of Frederick Estrada Frederick Estrada Music Teacher

Frederick Estrada is a Filipino, and a graduate of Bachelor of Music Majoring in Music Education at Santa Isabel College in the Philippines. This is Frederick’s eleventh year here at UWCT as a Music teacher for Nursery to Grade 9. His past teaching experiences include conducting choirs for different churches and teaching in public and private schools in the Philippines. He also taught Music in an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia before moving to Phuket. Frederick used to travel around South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and China with his acoustic band.

Photo of Cameron Firth Cameron Firth MYP and DP I&S DP Homeroom

“Three lines that describe who you are as an educator?
Passionate, Caring and Honest

Where you worked previously and who are you here with (partner, dog etc if applicable)?
London, U.K. I am here with my wife, Joanna. We have two cats: Brie and Tiger.

What’s your ‘star’ quality or resume highlight?

What do you love to do?
Exercise and play sports; play board games, Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer.

Where have you taught?
London, U.K.

What’s notable about you?
I am a graduate of UWCSEA.”

Photo of Nicolas Frangoudes Nicolas Frangoudes MYP Intensive English Programme

Nick is an ESOL teacher in the Middle School at UWCT, supporting non-native English speakers in Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9. He has lived in Thailand for over 20 years, working at Dulwich International College Phuket, Shrewsbury International School Bangkok and UWCT Phuket. His passions include Mindfulness, Yoga, Surfing and Rugby.

Photo of Ju Garcia Ju Garcia Primary Teacher – Grade 5

Kru Ju is a Cuban-Argentinian born and raised in Brazil. Having attended an international school as a child, she can empathize with the struggles, challenges and rewards that come with being an international school student and a third culture kid. This is her 3rd year teaching at UWC Thailand. Prior to Thailand, Kru Ju was living in Luanda, Angola where she was last teaching MYP Humanities and Physical Education. Kru Ju lives in Phuket with her partner Amelia (Grade 4 teacher) and her daughter Bella Lhamo (Grade 2). Ju is passionate about student leadership, social justice and inclusion. Kru Ju’s is interested in music, reading and sports (particularly soccer). As a family they enjoy kayaking, running and travelling.

Photo of Ann Iberson-Hurst Ann Iberson-Hurst Subject Area Leader Mathematics, Mathematics Teacher

Ann has been at UWC Thailand for 6 years, having joined us from Papua New Guinea. She has teaching certificate from the UK, and her whole career has been spent teaching Maths (GCSE, A levels, IGCSE, ANC and the IB). She is passionate about her subject and hopes to pass her enjoyment in Maths onto the students she sees. Her two grown up children are back in England, but their regular visits here encompass Ann’s passions of snorkelling, diving and being global citizens.

Photo of Wambui Karenju Wambui Karenju MYP and DP Maths

I am more intentional about varying the lessons and I hold high expectations. I believe that there is as much to learn from my students as they can learn from me.

Photo of Mike Kelso Mike Kelso MYP and DP Sciences

Mike is a highly-experienced international educator with a genuine enthusiasm for his subject, and a strong background in school management. He prioritises and values the relationships he develops with both students and colleagues as his basis for any role. Mike has more than 20 years’ experience as an IB educator, having taught DP Chemistry, Biology and TOK, as well as MYP Science. He loves and appreciates Science as a way of understanding the universe, and brings this enthusiasm to every lesson. He is strongly supportive of the core values of the IB programme, as well as the academic rigour and opportunities for personal growth built into it. Mike has coaching experience in a wide range of sports (football, rugby, badminton, tennis, surfing and cycling) and is a rock/reggae bass player, composer and recording artist. He is married to Silvana, a teacher of DP English Literature, English B and Spanish.

Photo of John Lancett John Lancett Secondary Design Teacher

I am a passionate teacher, who works hard to put students first. I believe that every student can achieve their goals if they are supported as an individual. I also, believe in offering holistic education to all, being a well-rounded person is something all students should be striving for.

Photo of Erica Lindberg Erica Lindberg Learning Support and Special Needs Teacher
Photo of Kunlatida (Paula) Luangthep Kunlatida (Paula) Luangthep Primary Thai Teacher
Photo of Chris Maclean Chris Maclean DP Global Politics and TOK, MYP I&S, Subject Area Leader for I&S

Chris was raised in international schools and graduated from the IB program. He has lived in 11 countries and at least twice on each continent. Prior to obtaining teaching qualifications, Chris completed a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Master’s in Global Politics from the London School of Economics. Chris previously worked as a Humanitarian Journalist with the United Nations, and as a Social Entrepreneur, facilitating his ability to make classroom concepts relevant through personal stories and case studies. Chris feels tremendously fortunate that he gets to teach a subject he loves every day. Chris also coaches Basketball. Outside of school, Chris enjoys being active and playing sports, reading while drinking coffee, meaningful conversations, and going on adventures with his family. His wife Laura Neagos teaches DP, MYP and PYP French. His two children Caden and Elisa both attend UWC Thailand as well.

Photo of Caryl Medilo Caryl Medilo ECC Teacher – Kindergarten

Caryl is a pioneer teacher at UWC Thailand (previously known as PIA) having taught here since the school began in 2008. She is from the Philippines and has spent most of her teaching career overseas. She has worked in Special Education, as a team leader and Early Childhood classroom teacher. Caryl received her Bachelor of Elementary Education majoring in English at the Holy Cross of Davao College. She has been involved in the PYP for 12 years and has completed trainings and seminars in other IB World Schools. She has completed courses on the Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People (The University of Edinburgh), an Early Childhood Education Certificate (Gowrie, Australia) and a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Certificate (International Open Academy). Caryl has recently joined UWC Philippines National Committee as a volunteer. Her interests include fun runs, travelling, dancing, trekking, online shopping, and being with family and friends.

Photo of Dale Meier Dale Meier Secondary Art Teacher
Dale has been teaching Visual Arts for the past 14 years and has been teaching MYP and DP Art at UWCT for the past 7 years. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Art Education (K-12) and Secondary Education. After teaching Art in the United States he moved with his wife to Thailand in 2009. Types of Art he enjoys making are painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and carpentry. When Dale is not teaching he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing, sailing, and hiking. He also enjoys working from his home art studio where he is currently exploring working with wood.
Photo of Kathy Mendis Kathy Mendis Primary Teacher – Grade 2

“Kathy Mendis is a familiar face on campus both as a parent and as a teacher. Kathy worked with Kru Nicki and Kru Thomas last year in Grade 3. The depth with which Kathy understands what we believe excellent teaching and learning looks like, her dedication and her proven skills in the classroom made her the clear choice in our search for UWCT’s Grade 1 section next year.

Kathy was born in Germany and grew up in Hong Kong before moving to England where she completed her BSc in Hospitality Management.

Kathy’s desire to change careers now that her daughter is older, sees her following a similar career journey as her parents, who were both educators.

In addition to a BSc, Kathy has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and is trained in the IB’s Making the PYP happen.

Kathy loves running, reading and spending time with her daughter.

Growing up, my family spent holidays in Phuket and now my daughter and I have lived here for five years. I have been fortunate to witness the growth in the island.”

Photo of John Miller John Miller MYP DT, EXP, Homeroom, EOTC DP English

I believe in the power of experience to inform identity and shape character. By recording our experiences and celebrating our identity we can find a place in the world and share aspects of ourselves with others to build greater worldwide tolerance and understanding.

Photo of Amanda Molnar Amanda Molnar DP Economics, Business, Global Politics

Amanda is originally from Canada and has been teaching internationally for over eight years. She has called Indonesia, Malaysia and China home and learned so much about herself and the world while living in those places. Amanda has a Bachelor of Commerce and was a Chartered Accountant before making the amazing decision to become a teacher. She has also just completed a Masters of Education with a focus on social justice and decolonizing international education. Her research took place in another island community: Bali, Indonesia. This year, Amanda is teaching DP Business, Economics and Global Politics, and she is looking forward to building community and connection in her classroom, while getting to know UWCT. As an educator, she is holistic, community-focused, contemplative, contextual, and critical of curriculum. Outside of school you can find her exploring markets, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Photo of Jeff Morey Jeff Morey Primary Teacher – Grade 1

Jeff is in his second year of teaching Grade 1 at UWCT. He is a fun-loving educator with over 20 years primary school teaching experience in 5 different countries. Jeff comes from Canada, where he studied at the University of Calgary to gain a Bachelor of Education degree. Though his family still lives in Calgary, he followed his sense of adventure and immersed himself in the cultures of Japan, England, Taiwan and Thailand when teaching in those countries. Jeff has lived in Phuket quite some time, having taught here for 12 years before a two year repatriation to Canada. Last year he returned to Thailand which felt like ‘coming home’. Jeff believes that learning through play and following one’s passions are key motivators for learning and tries to ensure that his classes have these opportunities each and every day. When not at school, Jeff enjoys spending time on the beach with his wife and son, playing music together with his band and travelling…well…until just recently that is!

Photo of Sidney Nabuurs Sidney Nabuurs DP Chemistry and MYP Science teacher, DP Homeroom

My goal in the classroom has always been to make learning enjoyable. I want students to be able to explore, ask questions and be curious about what they’re learning. I am caring and promote a safe space to take risks and learn new things.

Photo of Gantamanee (Ying) Narinrat Gantamanee (Ying) Narinrat Primary Thai Teacher

Kru Ying is originally from Phangnga. She graduated with Business Administration degree and later on pursued and received a diploma of teaching from Phuket Rajabhat University. She has taught Early Childhood at Green House International School and has been teaching at UWCT since 2010. She believes in “keeping yourself learning in anything is helpful also learning can be enjoyable in every way for both teacher and student.” When our students are engaged and invested in their learning and are truly having fun, that’s a big part of how learning “sticks.” She has been working in international organisations including small and world wide with different type such as school, hotel, property. Getting to know and work with lots of people that gave her experience to work mindfully and being flexible. Her passions include travelling, relaxing at the beach and taking photos. She currently involved in doing workshops for Thai teachers and students who work in International settings. She is aiming and working to bring inquiry based and visible thinking in Thai Language and Culture.

Photo of Laura Neagos Laura Neagos PYP, MYP and DP French Teacher

Laura joined UWCT after spending the past 10 years working as an international school teacher in South Africa, Thailand and China, teaching French, Spanish and English as additional languages. This is Laura’s third year at UWCT and she joins us with her husband, fellow teacher, and her two young children.

A passionate linguist, Laura speaks 4 languages and loves learning along with her students about the connections that exist between the languages we speak and those that we are learning.

In her free time, Laura loves gathering with friends over board games, playing tennis, enjoying the great outdoors and watching her children learn and grow.

Photo of Amelia O’Brien Amelia O’Brien Primary Teacher – Grade 4

“Three lines that describe who you are as an educator?
I am passionate about my subject and I endeavour to ensure that all students have access to quality teaching regardless of their background.

Where you worked previously and who are you here with (partner, dog etc if applicable)?
My last post was in papua New Guinea, and I am here ‘toute seule’

What’s your ‘star’ quality or resume highlight?
Calmness with passion..

What do you love to do?
Scuba dive, Ski, Bellring, Trivia quizzes.

Where have you taught?
UK, Canada, India (briefly), Papua New Guinea and Thailand

What’s notable about you?
How many times have you been threatened by a machete, or held up at gunpoint…and lived to tell the tale?”

Photo of Kanokwan (Pum) Ongborirukkul Kanokwan (Pum) Ongborirukkul Thai Teacher
Photo of Nathaniel (Cece) Ovelar Nathaniel (Cece) Ovelar Primary Art Teacher

Nate (Cecê) is a 3rd culture kid all grown up, from the United States, Paraguay and Brazil. He teaches Primary Art, has a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Masters of Education from the United States. Cecê has been a professional artist and muralist for the last 15 years, painting large murals all over the world (Brazil, Spain, USA, China, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Paraguay, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Thailand). He has lived in Thailand for the last 11 years, previously teaching Art at the Australian International School of Bangkok and Webster University. Coming from an art background which focuses a lot on cultural issues and community building, his art lessons focus a lot on the humanities and traditional arts. Cecê enjoys spending time with his family, listening to world music, painting, having philosophical conversations, studying anthropology, swimming in the ocean and riding bikes with his son.

Photo of Saruta (Nok) Paothong Saruta (Nok) Paothong Primary Thai Teacher

Sa-wad-dee kha, I’m Nok from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Southern Thailand. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Humanity and Social Sciences from Thaksin University in Songkhla. I also earned the teacher’s license from the Teacher’s Council of Thailand. I started my teaching experiences in Songkhla, Nakhon Si Thammarat and British International School Phuket before I came to UWC Thailand. I worked with Early Childhood, Primary students along the way up to Secondary students. This is now my eleventh year working at UWC Thailand as a TLC Integrationist in Primary.

Photo of Matthew Pugliese Matthew Pugliese Primary Teacher – Grade 4
Photo of Alejandro Ramiraz Alejandro Ramiraz
Photo of Amy Sharpe Amy Sharpe Preschool Teacher
Photo of Elisha Siaji Elisha Siaji ESOL and Learning Support Teacher
Photo of Ronald Smith Ronald Smith DP Econ & Business, DP Homeroom
Photo of Janani Dhurka Srikantha Janani Dhurka Srikantha Primary Teacher – Grade 2

Originally from Sri Lanka, Janani has lived in England, Canada, Singapore, and is now here in Thailand. She is an experienced IB PYP teacher, and her experiences in technology-rich classrooms fuelled her interests to further understand how technology can redefine learning. Janani completed her graduate studies focussing her research on how educational technology can facilitate inclusive education. She believes in every child being able to develop to their full potential in a nurturing environment that supports their curiosity and interests. Outside of the classroom, Janani enjoys boxing, travelling to new places and meeting people, exploring different cuisines, and reading (some of her favourite books are recommendations from students).

Photo of Natawadee (Ploy) Srithongdee Natawadee (Ploy) Srithongdee Secondary Learning Support, MYP Homeroom
Photo of Laurie Stone Laurie Stone MYP Individuals & Societies and MYP English Language & Literature

This is Laurie’s 5th year at UWCT and her 20th year of international school teaching. Her previous schools were in South Korea, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Peru and Phuket. She has taught both PYP, MYP and is DP trained in Psychology. Currently, she teaches MYP English Language & Literature and MYP Individuals & Societies to Grade 6, 7 and 8. She enjoys teaching middle school because the students are both fun & silly but also thoughtful about the world around them. It’s a wonderful time to provide them with challenges, show them it’s okay to fail and learn from it, and watch them grow (academically & physically). Laurie is originally from Canada and although she loves her country, she enjoys living in the tropics and near the ocean where she can scuba dive. Laurie is a true lifelong learner and is currently studying for her fourth University degree in School Counselling. Her previous degrees are: BA Honors Psychology, Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education in International teaching. Laurie is here with her husband Jon Field (Secondary Principal) and their 3 pampered cats.

Photo of Edward Symons Edward Symons Primary Teacher – Grade 5

Kru Ned is originally from England. This is his eighth year teaching at UWCT, and he is currently studying a Masters in Educational Leadership. He is currently also working as the Primary Sustainability Coordinator. Previous to moving to Phuket, he spent eight years in New Zealand where he worked as a primary school teacher, as well as running a small landscape design company. He has also worked in Vietnam and Portugal as an ESL teacher. Kru Ned lives in Phuket with his wife, Olivia (Preschool teacher), and their two children (Elijah and Kyra) who attend UWCT. Ned’s eldest daughter (Mai An) has recently graduated from UWCT and is starting her tertiary studies in the UK. Kru Ned loves nature, photography and cycling.

Photo of Olivia Symons Olivia Symons ECC Teacher – Preschool

Olivia has been an ECC teacher at UWCT since 2014. Originally from New Zealand, she is married to Ned and they have three children who have all been through UWCT, her eldest graduating in June 2021. Olivia is passionate about supporting student wellbeing and also that of staff. She currently is the Wellbeing Coordinator for the Primary School, as well as being staff co-chair for the Food Committee. Olivia enjoys practicing yoga and mindfulness, walking/running on forest trails with her dog Archie (also a Therapy Dog at UWCT) and spending time with friends and family.

Photo of Jalal Tarazi Jalal Tarazi Secondary Science Teacher

Jalal is beginning his 8th year teaching at UWCT as a science teacher in the MYP and DP. His two children attend the school at opposite spectrums with his daughter starting Grade 12 and his son still in Nursery. His wife is from Thailand and they both moved down to Phuket after Jalal taught in Bangkok for many years. Jalal has also taught in Maui and Bahrain and has enjoyed living in warm climates where he can pursue his passion for marine biology while SCUBA diving in coral reefs and helping to restore mangrove forest ecosystems. He completed his BS in Marine Biology and his MS in Environmental Education and the environment of Phuket is perfect for his interests. Jalal enjoys athletics and takes part in triathlon races in Phuket and southern Thailand.

Photo of Silvana Vazquez Silvana Vazquez Secondary Languages Teacher

“Silvana brings warmth and passion to the classroom, involving students in a caring and welcoming environment.She is teaching IB Diploma English and Spanish.
and she is an experienced IB examiner and workshop leader, and has experience in admin as Head of Languages.

Silvana was teaching in Istanbul for the previous 6 years, and arrived with her partner, Mike and her son, Finn

Silvana enjoys creating an atmosphere that draws students together to learn collaboratively and with genuine interest in her subject.

Yoga, walking, , reading, time at the beach and with family

She has taught in Turkey, New Zealand and Argentina, and studied initially in Argentina with a Masters from Michigan State University.

Silvana forms strong and caring relationships with her students and builds her practice on these”

Photo of Mallory Verick Mallory Verick MYP English, Homeroom, EXP DP English, ToK
Photo of Emma Wilson Emma Wilson ECC Teacher – Nursery

“Three lines that describe who you are as an educator?
Emma is an outgoing, passionate and energetic teacher. She truly believes that early-years builds the foundations of a positive relationship with education for the young minds of our students. She is an advocate of whole child teaching, and believes that we should nurture our students academically, as well as socially and emotionally.

Where you worked previously and who are you here with (partner, dog etc if applicable)?
Emma has been working within early years in Shenzhen, China for the past four and a half years and will be moving to Phuket with her one-year old son, Noah and her husband, Rob who will be filling the position of Outdoor Officer.

What’s your ‘star’ quality or resume highlight?
As a new mum, Emma has gained a new perspective into early years, and the creative forces that are our children / students. Emmas is also completing her post-grad with the University of Nottingham.

What do you love to do?
When opportunity arises, Emma loves to curl up with a good book, spend weekends cooking (and eating!), and getting outdoors for some fresh air.

Where have you taught?
After her undergrad, Emma worked in France, the USA, South Korea and now Shenzhen where she has has been Head of Department.

What’s notable about you?

Photo of Laura Worasaktayanan Laura Worasaktayanan Learning Support Teacher, MYP Homeroom

As a special educator I’m patient and empathetic. I understand that all members of the team are facing different challenges and I try to support the student-parent-teacher connection to find success for all. I am also excited by projects and love to learn alongside my students.

Teaching & Educational Assistant Staff

A teacher's assistant is dedicated to supporting the teacher with processes of teaching and learning. An educational assistant is typically a qualified teacher in Thailand who is available for substitution needs when the primary teacher is ill or absent.

Photo of Chotika (Oil) Buachai Chotika (Oil) Buachai Learning Support Assistant
Photo of Piyada (May) Choochouy Piyada (May) Choochouy Secondary EA
Photo of Phatsara (Bowling) Choosuk Phatsara (Bowling) Choosuk Preschool TA
Photo of Phenpornvadee (Ed) Gomolta Phenpornvadee (Ed) Gomolta Nursery TA and Tree Club Lead
Photo of Pramote (Jome) Indam Pramote (Jome) Indam PE EA

My name is Kru Jome. This is my third year here at UWCT as an Education assistant to Physical Education. Previously, I am Yoga and Pilates and fitness instructor at Thanyapura. After work, I love to exercise. Now I am interested in surf skate.

Photo of Sukanya (Lek) Julparn Sukanya (Lek) Julparn Primary EA & Grade 3 Teacher

Kru Lek has been at UWCT for 8 years. She lives in Phuket with her husband Kai, son (Carrot, aged 15) and her daughter (Praywa, aged 18). She stays busy while working on her Teaching Diploma Program in Education which she will finish in November. Lek enjoys gardening, hiking and exploring new areas.

Photo of Duangporn (Ore) Kueasan Duangporn (Ore) Kueasan TA G5
Photo of Thanatcha (Bow) Kunok Thanatcha (Bow) Kunok Learning Support Assistant
Photo of Masuni (Zone) Mawing Masuni (Zone) Mawing Art TA
Photo of Arina (Nana) Pathan Arina (Nana) Pathan TA G2
Photo of Jureeporn (Lala) Puempool Jureeporn (Lala) Puempool Nursery TA
Photo of Chineekarn (Gift) Rattanawong Chineekarn (Gift) Rattanawong TA G1
Photo of Jay-Anne Segovia Jay-Anne Segovia Learning Support Assistant
Photo of Watchareeporn (Goong) Sukmark Watchareeporn (Goong) Sukmark G4 TA and Tree Club Lead
Photo of Amallada (Beau) Tanavorn Amallada (Beau) Tanavorn Primary EA

This is my 9th year working here. I graduate a bachelor’s degree from Prince of Songkla University,Phuket
Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, Hotel Management. In my free time I like to watch movies. I love to work here and I want to be a good role model for the children.

Photo of Wattanachai (Nox) Tinsom Wattanachai (Nox) Tinsom Science Lab Technician
Photo of Renu (Pla) Youthongkam Renu (Pla) Youthongkam Learning Support Assistant

UWC Mission

UWC Makes Education a Force to Unite People, Nations and Cultures for Peace and Sustainable Future.

UWC Thailand Motto

Good Heart, Balanced Mind, Healthy Body.

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