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UWCT Students Trio Take Down Staff and Parents to Clinch Trophy

Goals from Sam (G11), Folky (G10) and Leigha (G11) saw staff and parents teachers trailing 5-3 at the final whistle. What had begun as an obvious win for the staff and parents community turned out to be a thrilling encounter between the two UWCT teams.

A quick, unexpected goal from Sam saw goalkeeper, Kru Phil pounce in the direction of the ball, barely having the UWC Thailand branded ball in his hands, before the velocity with which the coveted leather valuable beat him and rolled onto the net.

With defensive skills from Kru Jalal, Khun Luke Jerome and Kru Chris, staff and parents gradually built up possession, challenging the students to retreat and tackle. A couple of missed chances and unlucky rattling of the goalpost saw Kru Cameron, Khun Robert (Arrowsmith) and Kru Ned send the spectators in amazement.

As intense as the match was, it was impeccable to observe the composure that Mai An (G10), Anna (G11) Stuart (G9) and Nirvan (G10) exhibited often warding off Kru Jalal, Khun Robert and Kru Cameron’s attempt at goal.

“It was such a fun and thrilling encounter, and we cannot wait to play against them again next year.”

Anon (G10)

Any staff and parents from the UWCT community are welcome to join in the Wednesday Football Social from 5:00pm onwards.

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