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Every day, conflict dominates the headlines. Peace by Peace will focus on the opposite. As a student-led initiative, the short course looks to explore what it means to take a step further away from conflict. The 10-day short course works to explore peace on different levels within our society. From peace on a personal level to peace amongst nations. In a world constantly facing conflict, it is important that we rise to the challenge and attempt to bring about change in our local communities. Peace by Peace strives to bring people together to explore ways in which each individual can contribute to the idea of peace, on any scale, in any cultural context.

June 26th to July 5th, 2019 | Phuket, Thailand

What the short course will cover?

1. Diversity

In an increasingly globalised world, it is important to highlight the value of community amidst diversity.

2. Communication

Developing participant’s personal communication skills is key in conflict resolution. One must first be able to communicate respectfully and coherently before they can begin to build peace.

3. Interstate / Intercultural Conflict

Cultural differences can be found at the root of many conflicts, so we want to explore how and why this happens, as well as how to prevent it.

4. Governments and Their Actions

How do governments help to promote the happiness and well-being of their population? How do governments promote peace and sustainability?

5. Migration and Refugees

Conflicts can cause mass exoduses of people around the world. Today, as travel between countries becomes easier, this becomes an increasingly relevant issue.

6. Inequality

Present in many layers of society, inequality can be both a cause of conflict and a result; and is often inherently a barrier to establishing long-term peace.

7. Social Constructs and Social Justice

On a government or state-to-state level, there may be apparent peace; but the constructs within our society—on a community and personal level—play a large role on individual peace and happiness.

8. Personal Peace

Often, peace is spoken about as an external occurrence, but it is very much an internal and personal process as well.


If you have any question please feel free to contact us by email: peacebypeace@uwcthailand.ac.th

When and where will the course take place?

The Peace by Peace short course take place from 26th June to 5th July 2019 in Phuket, Thailand at the UWC Thailand International School campus. Students will stay on campus during the duration of the course.

What is the cost?

The UWC Thailand International School Short course will cost 32,500THB per student and payment for the course is due by 26 February 2019 to secure your place.

What is included in costs?
  • Meals three times throughout the day and snacks
  • Accommodation
  • Trips
  • Workshops
  • Access to facilities
  • Transport from and to the airport, but not flights.
What is not included in costs?
  • Flights to and from your home airport.
Do we offer financial aid?
Peace by Peace will be able to offer limited financial aid to applicants with demonstrated need. However, flights will not be covered. If applicants are able to pay the full cost, we strongly encourage that they do not apply for financial aid, as it may inhibit their chances of securing a spot at the short course.
When will you hear back regarding your application?

We will do our very best to read your application thoroughly as a team and reply within three weeks. You will receive a reply from the Peace by Peace team on email and in the meantime, you are always welcome to email us anytime if you have questions!

When are you expected to arrive?

We ask that you arrive atUWC Thailand International School by the 26th of June 2019. Please share your travel plans once you have booked your tickets and we will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the campus.

When are you expected to depart?

Our short course ends the 5th of July 2019 and we ask that you plan to leave UWC Thailand International School by 12:00 noon.

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