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The UWCT Junior Rock Climbing Club CCA began in January of 2018 with 6 young and excited climbers. Over the past 4 seasons, we have seen some members come and go, as they tried something new and challenging. Some other members have stayed committed, discovering that  they have a passion for their own personal growth, development and training. In the beginning of each season, we’ve warmly welcomed some new students who have never climbed before. That initial learning curve can be quite challenging, while increasingly rewarding at the same time. Our students enjoy this after school activity and have made a lot of progress over the year.

When you practice a lot, you can get very good at climbing. There are many difficulties, which means I can continue to challenge myself.

Cecil G4

REBEL Rock Climbing Gym is committed to their partnership with UWCT, providing new routes specifically aligned with the start of our school CCA seasons. The instructors are patient, kind, knowledgeable and positive. They guide and instruct the students through challenging routes, providing problem solving tips and advice in a gentle way that encourages students to really find their own paths to success. REBEL Rock Climbing Gym and all of its staff take safety very seriously, helping students understand and respect the rules and expectations during our weekly sessions in the gym.

It’s fun and challenging

Tim G5

I’ve learned how to hold thin edges and really stretch myself. After a climbing session I feel really great.

James G4


UWCT Junior Rock Climbing Club is offered on Tuesday afternoons between 2:40-4:30pm. We accept students from Grades 2-5, with a maximum of 10 spaces available per season. If you’re interested in having your child join this CCA, please sign up for it in the SchoolsBuddy app at the beginning of each activity season.

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