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The Personal Project is the culminating assessment of the MYP Program and is a six-month journey where the students need to choose a topic based on personal interest and then create a product in response to their goal and global context.

On Thursday, January 31st, the Grade 10 students had the opportunity to share their product for the Personal Project at the Exhibition from 5-7 pm.

During their work, the students must research the topic to choose a product and then plan their course of action. In order to self assess their work, the students must also create success criteria, which they will reflect on after the Exhibition. Throughout the process, the students had to continually use self-management, thinking, social, and communication skills to find the correct direction of their work. It is no easy task but the Grade 10 students overwhelmed at the Exhibition.

Many teachers, parents, and students came to the MPH on January 31st and they were awed by the work presented by the Grade 10s. There were myriad topics, which encompassed art, cooking, technology, reaching personal goals, documentaries, photography, creating products from scratch or up-cycling, and taking care of animals in need.  The students used amazing creativity, determination, and balance to create products that they should all be proud of.

Along with the students, they each had a supervisor who gave advice during the journey and they were intricate in the process. A big thank you goes out to those twenty brave MYP teachers.

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