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Through an approach to education that invites, encourages, and ultimately requires students to take initiative, the young people in our care learn to find their voice and develop a sense of agency—to feel that they can control their own lives and positively effect change for others. At UWCT, we strive to help our students develop into balanced, open-minded, principled, and caring thinkers. In isolation; however, without the courage to act on what we feel, think or believe—these attributes are not enough. To make the world a more united or sustainable place requires courageous action.


Through Outdoor and Experiential Education, the rigour of the IB Diploma Programme, by living away from home in Boarding, or learning to make friends with different people from all over the world; our students have opportunities to develop their bravery, their resilience, and their courage in a variety of ways, each and every day. The future needs people who have the courage to act when something needs to be done. When we consistently teach and expect this from today’s youth, we can see its impact. Together, we believe we can make our planet more equal, more just, and more peaceful.

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Drawing from a variety of day trips and outdoor learning opportunities, the school organises age-appropriate camps and expeditions for Grades 2-10. In Grade 1, students prepare for Grade 2’s expedition by spending a night in the library, which for some is their first night away from home; while in Grade 11, students participate in Project Week. During these expeditions, each grade level travels as a group to areas within the surrounding region in order to face challenges and learn new skills. Phuket’s landscape—a mix of beaches, plantations and protected forests—encourages students to make real-world connections and ask important questions.


Project Week is a Grade 11 off-campus experiential service and learning programme. Through its cultivation of communication and leadership skills, self-awareness and self-reliance, compassion and cultural understanding, the programme promotes student growth relative to the school’s mission. With students leading, organising, and trouble shooting; they travel around South-East Asia. Project Week experiences form an integral part of the curriculum, and participation is a graduation requirement.
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