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At UWC Thailand International School believe that in an age of growing digital entertainment, social isolation, and inactivity— the need for Outdoor Education (OEE) has never been greater. To answer this need, learning at UWC Thailand International School extends well beyond the classroom; aiming to expose students to the incredible natural diversity of Phuket and beyond. In fact, we view the outdoors as a classroom unto itself, where physically-challenging experiences have a powerful impact upon a young person’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and moral development. Our students’ outdoor experiences—starting in Grade 1—encompass planning, preparation and participation in a range of activities including hiking, climbing, kayaking, sailing, and moutain biking; all of which are aspects of our yearly camps and/or expeditions.

To round out our student’s educational experience, UWCT offers a tremendous-—and vital—array of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) designed to bring students and the wider community together for learning, competition, recreation, performances, and sharing. These activities help to broaden each student’s experience and enhance their learning by developing key skills including team work, confidence, and self-management.


Drawing from a variety of day trips and outdoor learning opportunities, the school organises age-appropriate camps and expeditions for Grades 2-10. In Grade 1, students prepare for Grade 2’s expedition by spending a night in the library, which for some is their first night away from home; while in Grade 11, students participate in Project Week. During these expeditions, each grade level travels as a group to areas within the surrounding region in order to face challenges and learn new skills. Phuket’s landscape—a mix of beaches, plantations and protected forests—encourages students to make real-world connections and ask important questions.


Project Week is a Grade 11 off-campus experiential service and learning programme. Through its cultivation of communication and leadership skills, self-awareness and self-reliance, compassion and cultural understanding, the programme promotes student growth relative to the school’s mission. With students leading, organising, and trouble shooting; they travel around South-East Asia. Project Week experiences form an integral part of the curriculum, and participation is a graduation requirement.
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