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UWCT’s first Primary School Service Group, the MANTA Pups is a unique service-centered CCA that has brought together a group of concerned and empowered Grade 3 students. The MANTA Pups are interested in marine sciences, conservation, mangrove ecosystems, and coral reefs. They are young advocates for change who participate in diverse learning opportunities related to service, action, conservation, and environmental stewardship.

Being a MANTA Pup involves both off-campus excursions to beaches and coastal areas, as well as on-campus learning sessions. Time spent on campus involves learning marine biology basics, meeting with local experts and change-makers, planning school events to raise funds and awareness, as well as exploring ways to bring about change within our own community practices.  

In Season 2 & 3 of this year, the MANTA Pups have spent time bonding as a group and getting to know each other. Through marine science activities and lessons, students developed a stronger sense of the environment that they already care deeply for. Students have journals to record their ideas and showcase their learning. The Manta Pups spent an afternoon with their MANTA Senior mentors, learning about their projects and asking them questions. We’ve also had 6 exciting trips to Nai Yang beach to explore and investigate beach ecosystems. We created some ephemeral art, collected mangrove seed pods, and walked through the tide pools at low tide in search of marine plants and animals.

To celebrate our success and our commitment to the ocean, the MANTA Pups took on the exciting challenge of learning to SCUBA dive. MANTA Pups completed their PADI Bubble Maker course on Monday, June 3rd in Kata Beach with InDepth Dive Center. Guided by Sean, a PADI instructor extraordinaire (and rescue diver for the Red Bull Air Races), along with his 10-yr old assistant (and son) Arrin, the MANTA Pups conquered their fears and mastered the basics of SCUBA equipment and use in confined water. It was a fabulous day of learning to breathe and navigate ourselves underwater.

Congratulations to all MANTA Pups for all their accomplishments and hard work this academic year.

For more information about MANTA Pups please contact Kru Aloni aloni.cahusac@uwcthailand.ac.th

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