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We send our heartfelt congratulations to our 42 IB Diploma graduates of the class of 2022. A two-year UWC education reflects much more than a final IB diploma score. We are proud of our students for all their accomplishments in the classroom, their service and humility to others, and their individual growth and development as remarkable human beings, ready to tackle the challenge of post-secondary studies. As UWC graduates who champion peace, sustainability and positive change, we are confident our graduates will continue to make us proud.

Based on the provisional results of the IB Diploma 2022, we are pleased to announce that our graduates averaged higher than the world average score (in May 2021). Furthermore, out of a maximum of 45 Diploma points, seven of our graduates scored 40 or higher.

“Our class of 2022 have shown unparalleled resilience as they navigated the challenges of the Diploma Program while also joining the Phuket community and the world in dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic. These strong results in their final exams are a real testament to our students’ strength of character and determination, notwithstanding the ongoing obstacles and challenges of the past two years. On behalf of our school board and leadership team, I share our admiration and appreciation for our boarding, academic and support staff, who made tremendous sacrifices throughout the pandemic to ensure minimal interruption of student learning and assurance of student wellbeing at all times. Our entire UWC Thailand community celebrates our graduates’ success!”

Head of School, Lural Ramírez said.   

UWC Thailand, established as a UWC in 2016, proudly welcomes a diverse community of learners from across Phuket, Thailand, and the world, with a total student population of over 500 and students representing over 70 countries. As one of 18 UWC schools and colleges across the globe with a mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future, it is no wonder that entrance into our school, in both the day and boarding programmes, is highly competitive. Our students benefit from a rigorous full continuum IB programme for age 2 through grade 12. Our approach to learning is unique, placing as much emphasis on student wellbeing, outdoor education, mindfulness and service as on academic gains in the classroom. As a World Academy of Sport school, we also welcome student-athletes who seek to excel in academics and their sport of choice. With an education like no other, supporting UWC Thailand means supporting the development and growth of a unique school with a powerful mission and an incredible educational community actively contributing to greater peace and understanding in the world.

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