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On 30 Nov and 1 December 70 students attended the biannual Gymnastics Show and Competitions conducted at UWC Thailand by Gymnastic Club Phuket

We are so proud of each and every one of them. Their performances were a huge success especially due to the fact that we were finally able to get together after a long 2-year wait. Students were able to pass new levels and complete their examinations and are now ready to start developing new and exciting skills in their next level from next week. 

Gymnastics Show – 30 November 2021

Our show opened up with a super cool flipping spiderman show performed by our talented student and coach. Afterwards, all students from 3-16 years old showed both their new and old skills in what we call our ‘Gymnastic Showcase’ which is like a Gym fest. After the Gymnastic Showcase diplomas and wristbands in matching colors were awarded BAGA awards from the British Gymnastic system for Certification of the levels each of the students passed.

Competing Squad – 1 December 2021

Wow wow wow! We are super impressed with the amazing way all handled stress in the competition, strength and pristine skills and posture shown by our students who competed. Many of them achieved new individual high scores.

We had 2 programs competing. Top score WAG possible is 40 and top possible MAG is 60.

WAG has 4 elements UB, FLOOR, VAULT, BB

Highest scorer of the year all around was Alila who won the club gold medal for 2021. She was also the highest in her level 2 WAG with AA of 35.95 and side note won club medal highest scorer previous competition held.

Youngest Level 0 top 40 is possible in score. We had 3 only boys this year. This is an open level any gender pre competitive ASIAN level. Highest scorer was Zihao (RouRou) on total AA 34.7

On WAG Level 1 we had 4 girls competing all same age and the highest scorer was Skyla with a AA of 34.4.Training pays off she had daily classes while others trained 2-3 h per week. 2h being the absolute minimum to join competitive programs and should be 2 times per week for muscle memory.

On WAG Level 3  strongest gymnast in the club we had 5 girls with 2 new and first time competing and straight into level 3 as they were too experienced recreational gymnasts to compete level 2,Welcome to all first time competing in Gymnastic Club Phuket at Home meet twice a year at UWCT. Winner with highest AA total was Jessika with 33.25 in total.Highest individual score was Alison on Bars with 9.15.All did very well and some surprised us with no spotting needed as per last training was a must on a dangerous skill where they throw themselves backwards in air on the Uneven bar. Skill called back hip circle. The Judge was 1 of our elite top Gymnast from USAC and a high level 9 herself Mastor. Thank you.

The Mens Artistic Gymnastic (MAG) Program, which is the same as in the Olympics, has 6 elements: Rings, High Bar, Parallel Bar, Pommel Horse, Floor and Vault. 

This year was the first time the MAG was held at UWC Thailand and we had 4 boys competing in all 6 elements.

Highest scorer of MAG was Sean on AA 53.25 who also was 1 year younger than the others.

The Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) has 4 elements: Beam, Uneven Bars, Floor and Vault.

WAG works towards levels starting from 1 to 10. Our Gymnastic sessions incorporate these skills. Each of our WAG gymnasts was given the opportunity to perform a routine in their appropriate level which is chosen by their coaches, and the gymnasts are judged during the competition. 

Each gymnast is given the choice of whether they want to compete or just practice. To compete, gymnasts must wear a competition leotard with black shorts and must advise Coach Jessica of their size during the first week back of term. Shows are always held in lieu of 1 class.

The WAG competing squad gives the gymnasts an opportunity to be presented with their level certificate and wristband. Medals are presented for first, second and third place and up to 6TH place of competing students on WAG floor routine vault and beam & bar.

We had individual high scores on the apparatus as follows:


Sean Ho had 9.6 and Jakub 9.4 and there wasn’t many over 9 overall scores on all elements, Level 2 Francheska had 9.2 and Level 3 Alison Yee Ho 9.15


We had Level 1 Mia earning a 9.3, Level 0 Jaycob on 9.3, followed by Level 1 Skyla 9.1 and Level 0 Rou Rou 9.0


New to the competing squad, Gymnastic Club level 0 reached a 9.1 in score by Tawan. Another High vault was the winner of the whole competition level 2 Alila Wilson with 9.2.


MAG level 1 Sean won his level 8.7 and WAG Level 3 Highest score 8.4 and therefore won by Jasmina. Elsa who won floor in level 1 with 8.25, It is worth mentioning that medals were given to all however, all-around medals were only given to the top 1 scoring gymnast. Overall our lowest scores were seen on floors as in general floor routines the judge gave low scores and it  was the same when we were in BKK 2019. 

The individual scoring the highest scorer of the day was Jakub on Rings with 9.65. This was the first-ever MAG competition in UWC so Rings PB AND PH was new for all of us. Sean scored highest of the MAG boys with an AA of 53.25. Many 1st timers competed. We are extremely proud of everyone and so so grateful for their student’s dedication, hard work and of course, our parents’ support. 

We are all richer in experience after the events this week and the Coaches couldn’t be more proud of all the efforts of the students at each level!!! Each one of them is a superstar in our eyes and we encourage them to go get stronger in the gym and work on the SHAPING deductions and next time they can bring home more gold medals. We are so proud and we know how hard our students have worked through both the pain and tears seen before all the smiles. Even for those that came in last on each level, we know that they will make improvements for the next events which will be in May/June 2022

A huge thank you to all parents for supporting our Gymnastic Club Phuket  programme.

//LOVE Coaches

Full List of Results by Level:

Level 0 

VAULT: Thiti 9.1, Rou Rou 8.9, Jaycob 8.5

BAR: Rou Rou 8.4, Thiti 7.8 ,Jaycob 7.1

BEAM: Jaycob 9.3, Rou Rou 9.0,Thiti 8.85

FLOOR:  Jaycob 8.7,Rou Rou 8.4, Thiti 7.7
All around winner Level 0 RouRou 

Level 1 

VAULT: Skyla  8.75, Elsa 8.6, HoJune 8.5, Mia 8.3

BAR: Skyla 8.6, Hojune  8.4, Elsa 8.2 Mia 8.1

BEAM: Mia 9.3, Skyla 9.1, Elsa 8.6, Hojune 8.0

FLOOR:  Elsa 8.25, Mia 8.05, Skyla  7.95
All around winner Level 1 Skyla


Level 2

VAULT: Alila 9.2, Francheska  8.7, Marlene 8.5,  

BAR: Alila  9.4, Francheska 9.2, Marlene 8.8

BEAM: Francheska 9.0, Alila 8.95,Marlene  8.9

FLOOR:  Alila  8.4, Fracheska  7.65, Marlene 7.2
All around winner Level 2 Alila and The Total winner 2021 of this Home competition.

Level 3

VAULT: Jasmina  8.6, Jessika 8.5, Beatrice 8.4, Alison 7.9, Jemie  7.4

BAR: Alison  9.15 Jessika   8.15 Jasmina 8.0 Beatrice 7.75 Jemie 7.4

BEAM: Jessika  8.5, Beatrice 8.25, Alison 8.15, Jasmina 7.9, Jemie 7.4

FLOOR:  Jasmina 8.4, Bea 8.2, Jessika 8.1, Alison 7.7, Jemie 7.5
All around winner Level 3 Jessika

MAG Level 1 

VAULT: Thomas  8.4, Jakub 8.3, Sean  8.2, Raphael 7.9

Pommel Horse: Sean 8.4, Jakub 8.1, Raphael 7.7, Thomas 7.3

RINGS: Jakub 9.65, Sean 9.45, Thomas8.9, Raphael 8.7

Parallel BARS :  8.6, Hojune  8.4, Elsa 8.2Mia 8.1

HIGH BAR: Sean 9.6, Jakub 9.4, Thomas 8.8, Raphael 7.95

FLOOR:  Sean 8.7, Jakub 8.0, Thomas  7.4, Raphael 6.9
All around winner MAG Level 1 Sean 

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