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UWC Thailand International School’s fees are laid out below. Please note that all amounts are in Thai Baht.
School Fee 2019-20 (Lunch included)
Class Annual Rate (THB)**
H/D 3 Day Nursery 127,442
H/D 4 Day Nursery


H/D 5 Day Nursery 175,646
F/D 3 Day Nursery 179,930
F/D 4 Day Nursery 216,351
F/D 5 Day Nursery 252,772
Preschool 1 424,833
Preschool 2 424,833
Kindergarten 508,408
Grade 1 591,962
Grade 2 595,082
Grade 3 600,282
Grade 4


Grade 5 610,482
Grade 6 696,746
Grade 7 696,746
Grade 8 696,746
Grade 9 696,746
Grade 10 696,746
Grade 11 749,007
Grade 12 * 749,007


*DP Grade 12 exams are externally marked and priced by the IB so fees are subject to change from year to year. Each student’s DP exams are based on their individual course selection and the associated exam fees are not included in the school fees above.

**Includes costs for curriculum-based expeditions, field study and most service trips.

Application Fee: The Application Fee for UWC Thailand International School is 5,000 Baht. This fee is payable once the application is submitted online and is non-refundable.

Capital Levy: The Capital Levy is a one-time, non-refundable fee of 150,000 Baht per family, regardless of the number of children in the family. All new students offered admission to UWC Thailand International School are required to pay the Capital Levy, Security Deposit and Parent Support Group levy to secure their seat in the class.

Enrolment Deposit: Each newly enrolled student at UWC Thailand International School also provides a one-time Enrolment Deposit (ED) of 100,000 Baht. This deposit is held by the school throughout a student’s enrolment and is paid per student, rather than per family. Families may also choose to donate their ED to the school at any time. This fee is refundable with 60 or more days advance written notice prior to the student’s last date of attendance.

Parent Support Group Levy: 500 Baht annually, per student.

Exam fees for DP Students: Students in Grade 12 are charged for the registration and subject fees of the external examinations that are assessed by the IB.

Boarding Programme Annual Rate (THB)
Full Boarding 571,573
Weekday Boarding 413,030
Programme Daily Rate (THB)
Casual Boarding * 1,800

Note: *Casual Boarding is limited to seven days per year.

Due to international Arrowsmith Program licensing fees and the administration costs of providing the programme at UWC Thailand International School, the Arrowsmith Program fees are as follows:

Arrowsmith Fee 2019-20 (Lunch included)
Class Annual Rate (THB)
Grade 3 968,362
Grade 4 968,362
Grade 5 968,362
Grade 6 977,546
Grade 7 977,546
Grade 8 977,546
Grade 9 977,546
Grade 10 977,546
Grade 11 978,887
Grade 12 978,887

Students enrolled in the Arrowsmith program are subject to additional fees and deposits required by the school and Arrowsmith Progam.

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