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At UWC Thailand International School, we strive to be a transformational learning community that uses technology, where appropriate, as a tool to amplify learning. Effective use of technology across UWC Thailand allows students to redefine how they learn and how they connect with the world. UWC Thailand students are empowered through the use of technology to build connections; take ownership of, and actively engage with, their own learning; collaborate and seek feedback from a global audience while continuously reflecting on their individual responsibilities in how and why they use technology.

Technology is integrated throughout the learning ethos of the school. Students are encouraged to explore technological mediums to enhance their learning and to express themselves to support the UWC Mission of promoting Peace and Sustainability and the UWC Thailand Motto of having a Balanced Mind, Good Heart and Strong Body. As an IB school with a robust activities programme, UWC Thailand International School also offers a number of activities for students to explore after school, including videography, photography, coding and robotics.

Learning Devices

Kindergarten – Grade 3

Students have access to shared, school-owned iPads with a 2:1 ratio of devices to students. We carefully curate the apps to promote creation and collaboration as much as possible, and ensure that we use devices purposefully to ensure the balanced use of technology for teaching and learning. Below Kindergarten, iPads are primarily used by teachers to document student learning. 

Grades 4-5

Students in grades 4-5 bring their own iPad to school, and are asked to download apps which aim to ensure that the devices are used to enhance and transform learning in the classroom. At the beginning of the school year, students engage in a Bootcamp which combines a broader understanding of the tools, together with Digital Citizenship lessons which focus on purposeful use and Digital Balance. 

Grades 6-12

Students in the MYP and DP are expected to bring their own Macbooks to school for their learning. 

From August, 2020, students entering grade 6, have the option to choose to bring an iPad or Macbook for their learning. With the new iPad OS, the iPad continues to evolve as a powerful learning tool and we will evaluate our device requirements as the technology continues to improve. 

Digital Citizenship

In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of responsible digital citizenship is fundamental to the well-being of students. We are committed to giving support and guidance for our community on how to develop their digital footprint appropriately and responsibly. UWC Thailand teaches digital citizenship using the frameworks developed by Common Sense Media. 

Common Sense describes itself as the leading independent nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. It empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives.

Core Learning Platforms

Google Workspace – Communication and Collaboration

Students are given access to GSUITE tools to promote communication and collaboration. From grade 2, students are provided access to Drive and Docs to share and organize their work, and from grade 4 they are given a school email account for communication. The cloud platform has a number of tools to promote 21st Century Digital Literacy Skills. 

Managebac – Curriculum and Assessment 

Managebac is a leading IB centric platform for curriculum, assessment and attendance. Students and parents have access to this system and students in the MYP and DP use both Managebac and GSUITE on a daily basis for the assessment workflow. 

SeeSaw – Learning Journals 

The SeeSaw Learning Journals help to make learning visible and capture student growth in learning over time. 

Adobe Creative Cloud (MYP and DP) 

From Grade 6, students are given individual licenses to Adobe Creative Cloud so that they can use industry-wide, professional tools, to develop their skills and to express themselves creatively. 

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