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Our Learning Support Department provides students with the opportunity and encouragement to flourish within their environment. Students at UWCT are part of an inclusive learning community that is both respectful and accepting. We acknowledge that each child has their own unique strengths, educational approaches, and learning styles. Classroom teachers collaborate with our Learning Support specialists, parents, and students to develop strategies and programmes that assist learners in meeting their goals. Students receive support in class and through pull-out support, depending on each student’s needs.


The Arrowsmith Program is based on the philosophy that it is possible to address specific learning difficulties by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive capacities. It utilises the science of neuroplasticity to design a programme of individualised exercises that target the student’s precise areas of weakness.


As an international community, it is common to have a significant percentage of non-native English speakers in our student body, and as such we offer ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) in a variety of forms. Our admissions testing process, helps us to identify the level of ESOL or Learning Support each student requires. This information, viewed within the context of how many ESOL or Learning Support students are in a given class, helps us to decide who we can best accommodate.


Our professionally-licensed school counsellors work in collaboration with teachers, staff, administrators, and parents to ensure all students succeed in school and to eliminate gaps in achievement and opportunity.
In Grades 11 and 12 specifically, the team supports students’ university or further education applications. All aspects of the application process are supported, including SAT and ACT testing.
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