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UWC Thailand Experience

To help students manage increasing autonomy and global changes, UWC Thailand leads the UWC movement in embedding social-emotional learning and mindfulness (SEL&M) into our curriculum. At UWC Thailand we also embrace the breadth of the liberal arts IB curriculum, ensuring students are exposed to language, natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, service, physical and outdoor education, and the arts.


As an international IB school, UWC Thailand shares the IB’s aim to “develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

SEL and Mindfulness

As part of our wellness education, UWC Thailand students learn to give themselves the breathing room they require to take in what’s happening in and around them, see it more clearly through a positive lens, and react more intentionally.

Service Learning

Provides students with opportunities to put our values into practice on a daily basis, learn about themselves, foster empathy, and encourage our community to become attuned to the needs of others and the planet.

Education Outside the Classroom

At UWC Thailand International School, learning extends well beyond the classroom; aiming to expose students to the incredible natural diversity of Phuket and beyond. The goal of EOTC is to foster an intrinsic enjoyment of outdoor pursuits that will last a lifetime from Primary School and beyond.

Sports & Activities

We offer a vibrant, exciting programme of competitive and non-competitive sports and activities to encourage participation for all; while also nurturing individual aspiration, team achievement, and personal excellence.

Language & Learning Support

In order to ensure that each student we enrol is set up for success, we work with students, parents and our learning support team to address language and specific learning difficulties with indiviudally tailored support. We are also proud to be the only international school in Thailand—and South East Asia—to offer the Arrowsmith programme.


Our boarding school option provides a ‘Home away from Home’ for all of its residents and is available to students from Grade 7. At UWC Thailand, boarding school life is about growing together, bonding with friends from around the world to develop intercultural understanding under the care and supervision of teachers and staff.


In preparing students for professions that are yet to exist, we embrace a future-thinking approach to technology. We have no traditional computer lab; however, all students utilise  world-class technology as learning tools, with a personal MacBook required from Grades 6 and above.
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