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University Scholarship Opportunities for UWC Graduates: The Davis UWC Scholars Program

Our graduates are change-makers with depth of character, grit and initiative. The worldwide reputation enjoyed by UWC Thailand’s learning programme means that our students are highly sought after by a wide range of universities around the world. However, many of our students would not have the financial means to continue their educational journeys without the incredible support of the Davis UWC Scholars Program, a scholarship fund that provides need-based support for graduates of UWC schools attending one of 99 partner colleges and universities across the U.S.

UWC Thailand and the Davis UWC Scholars Program

This is the largest international scholarship program for undergraduates in the world. It provides support for exemplary and promising students who, through their UWC educations, are energized by the mission of building international understanding. Over the last four years, 84 of UWC Thailand’s graduates have been granted Davis UWC Scholarships to continue their studies at a diverse range of colleges and universities including Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, Northwestern, Williams, Wellesley, UC Berkeley, Bowdoin and many more. The application process is simple and does not require the student to do anything more than apply to the school of their choice. 

The class of 2022, with 46 graduates were offered over US$2.8 million in scholarships as of 21 June 2022.

Who is eligible for a Davis UWC Scholarship?

Any UWC graduate admitted on their own merits to one of the 99 partner schools, who has demonstrated financial need, will automatically qualify for and be granted a Davis UWC Scholarship. 

This unique scholarship opportunity is only for graduates of UWC schools. The program believes in the UWC experience, which takes a group of exceptional young people, challenges them academically and personally, expands their horizons exponentially, and shows them how to build understanding from diversity. By supporting these future leaders through their undergraduate educations, by motivating them and those around them to take personal responsibility for making a positive difference around the globe, the Davis UWC Scholars Program is proactively contributing to a better future for our highly volatile and interdependent world. In the words of the program’s founder and funder, Shelby Davis – “I learned how leaders make a difference, in their countries, in their centuries… I’m looking to invest again in leaders of the future.”

How do universities benefit?

The benefits are enormous, for both the Davis UWC Scholars and the colleges and universities they attend, as evidenced by the growing number of schools seeking to join the program. Over the course of 22 years, the program has grown from 5 partner schools to 99. The program helps its partner college campuses become more diverse global communities, in the belief that all students, faculty, and staff will have more valuable educational experiences by living with and learning from those who are different from themselves. As one university president put it – “[Our] entire campus benefits from our partnership with the Davis UWC Scholars Program. These young people bring unique global perspectives, exceptional academic preparation, and deep appreciation for inclusive excellence. Their commitment to engaging broadly enriches the experiences of all of our students, enhancing their understanding of other cultures and the common humanity we all share.”

Our graduates can pursue their dreams!

Here at UWC Thailand, we are tremendously grateful to Shelby Davis and the Davis UWC Scholars Program for providing our graduates with the opportunity to pursue their dreams beyond our campus, to make positive and meaningful contributions to the colleges and universities they attend, and to extend and deepen their commitment to making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

Learn more about the Davis UWC Scholars Program here: https://www.davisuwcscholars.org/program

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