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The UWCT policy regarding access to campus, self-isolation, vaccination and testing will evolve regularly in alignment with local Thai policy and the changing COVID-19 situation in Thailand and will be updated as needed to reflect the most up-to-date information.

Latest Update on COVID situation:

Infographic Provided by: Phuket Provincial Order and MOPH Ministry of Public Health”

Current Provincial Announcement on COVID School and Community Restrictions in Phuket

Effective Date 1 – 14 of Sept 2021

Source: Phuket Provincial Order 4978/2564

  • Schools are required to close for on-campus teaching and learning until 14 of September
      • This will mean classes at UWC Thailand will continue online through 14 of September.
      • EXCEPTION: Education under Phuket School Safety Sandbox does allow for teaching and learning for Nursery to Grade 3.
        • UWCT Sandbox* for Nursery to Grade 3 begins with all interested and eligible students on Monday, 6 of September. Kru Kurtis is communicating details with families. 
  • Boarding students may continue to arrive on campus to live in the boarding house, following all UWC Thailand campus access protocols.


*The email from the medical centre of your negative result from the COVID-19 test should be sent to: info@uwcthailand.ac.th. Prior to taking your COVID-19 test, an option is provided prior to your “swab appointment” to request the results be emailed to you. This is included in the cost of the test and is the proof of a negative COVID-19 result that you will then need in order to email our school receptionist, Khun Nida, and receive approval to enter campus. (this is the laboratory result of your test & not the fit to fly certificate).

**Travel from ASQ outside of Phuket should be direct to campus, with no stops and, preferably, by private van.

Recommended Links for Further Information on COVID-19 in Thailand

Government Resources

Social Media Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important, COVID-related policy to follow?

Our best protection for our community is maintaining consistency with hygiene and health guidelines. Please do all you can to keep yourself, and our entire community, safe at all times and in all contexts. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is! Be individually responsible, hold others in our community kindly accountable and let’s keep each other safe, the school campus open to learning and our boarding students healthy and well.

What is UWCT’s stance on COVID-19 vaccination?

As a school, we understand the important protection against personal and community illness that high vaccination rates afford us. We strongly encourage ALL of our staff, families and students to get vaccinated as soon as they are able. This will help our community have the best chance of keeping our campus COVID-19 free, of ensuring we can operate normally and in helping our broader community, on island and in the Kingdom of Thailand, to stay safe and to be well.

Can UWCT help me or my child access vaccination?

We will do our very best to share resources with the community and to help those motivated to get vaccinated to do so. We recommend registering for vaccination at the following website: www.phuket.win

Does UWCT require staff to be fully vaccinated?

No, UWCT does not require staff to be fully vaccinated but we do encourage and support all staff to be fully vaccinated. UWCT is following a protocol similar to that used in Singapore, called “vaccination or regular testing” regimen. This protocol requires those who are not vaccinated (due to a compromised immune system, lack of access to appropriate vaccine options, etc.) to follow a twice weekly testing protocol in order to ensure COVID-free status. The test used for this protocol is the oral or nasal ATK.

Are UWCT staff fully vaccinated?

Currently 98% of our staff are fully vaccinated (with two jabs and 14 days post second jab). Those staff members not currently vaccinated are actively seeking vaccination that matches their health needs.

What is UWCT’s definition of “fully vaccinated”?

According to the Thai Ministry of Health, fully vaccinated means the following:

-2 doses of Sinovac

-2 doses of Sinopharm


-1 dose of AstraZeneca

-1 dose of Moderna

-1 dose of Pfizer

-1 dose of Johnson & Johnson

Immunity is considered to be achieved 14 days after the number of doses indicated above.


The vast majority of UWCT staff have received two doses or either Sinovac, Pfizer or AstraZeneca. UWCT staff and teachers are also registered for AstraZeneca booster jabs to be administered in September and October.

We have just received our COVID vaccines or completed the final dose of vaccination. How can we inform the school?

Please fill out the Vaccination Declaration Form in order to update your vaccination status with the school. Thank you for helping keep our community safe!

Can unvaccinated parents access the UWCT campus?

Unvaccinated parents can access the UWCT campus, if they meet our Campus Access Protocols. 

Can parents and household members wishing to participate in UWCT Sandbox follow a “vaccination or regular testing” regimen in place of the full vaccination requirement?

Whereas at UWCT we empathize with our families’ diverse barriers to vaccination, we cannot unfortunately offer a more nuanced vaccination requirement response under Sandbox at this time. We will continue to dialogue with the MOE and MOH in order to support a more nuanced approach to this topic.


Please additionally fill out the following Travel Declaration Form in order to communicate off-island travel by any member of your family unit.

What is UWCT’s COVID-19 testing policy?

UWCT follows two testing protocols, detailed below.

UWCT Non-Sandbox Testing Protocol

Currently all staff and teachers not directly engaging with Sandbox participants are not following a UWCT COVID-19 testing protocol (beyond that required for initial access to campus, as applicable). Any unvaccinated members of the UWCT staff, when campus access is necessary for teaching and learning in their area, will be following the “vaccination or regular testing” regimen which requires twice weekly oral or nasal ATK testing. We will determine a full testing protocol for all staff, in line with government regulations, when teaching and learning is allowed for all grade levels.


UWCT Sandbox Testing Protocol

Participants in UWCT Sandbox (students, teachers and staff) are required to submit a negative oral or nasal ATK test prior to arrival on campus for the first time. All Sandbox participants are then required to do weekly oral or nasal ATK testing for continued participation in the program.

What if a member of our household travels off the island? Can our UWCT student still attend classes?

Yes. SHA+, ASQ and COVID-19 testing measures apply to each individual who has travelled off island, not to the rest of the family. If your child stays on the island of Phuket continuously, they do not need to self-isolate. However, if any member of your family has come in direct, sustained (15 minutes or more) contact with someone with COVID-19 or suspected to have COVID-19 please stay home and self-isolate. Additionally, if any member of your family develops COVID-19 like symptoms or suspects they may be ill, please do not send your child to school.


Please additionally fill out the following Travel Declaration Form in order to communicate off-island travel by any member of your family unit.

Is it okay to travel off the island during the school year?

Acknowledging that conditions will be ever-evolving (we hope for the better soon), at this time we strongly recommend that students and their families avoid travel off island. Our school community is counting on every member of the UWCT family in order to keep our school population safe and healthy and our campus open for operation.

What should I do if my child must travel due to essential, urgent circumstances?

Please notify the sectional principal and Director of Residential Life (if you are a boarding student) in order to receive pre-approval for the desired absence and to ensure your child and family fully understand the required safety protocols upon return to the island. If a student must depart the island, they and their family will be responsible for the costs and the effort associated with protocols for return to campus.

Where should I look to book ASQ, SHA+ or travel arrangements?

Click here for more information on SHA+ Hotels,  ASQ or transportation needs.

Does the school have any recommendations for COVID-19 tests on the island of Phuket?

If you are participating in Sandbox, your SHA+ hotel should include all necessary COVID-19 tests in your reservation package. Please check with your hotel to confirm. Recommended external COVID-19 test providers:


Bangkok Phuket International Hospital (in town)

Tel: 076 361 888

RT-PCR THB 3,500/test

Bangkok – Siriroj Hospital (in town) Tel: 076361888

RT-PCR THB 3,500/ test + certificate

Result will be within 24 hours

Mission Hospital (in town) Tel: 07623220

Rapid Antigen THB 800/test + certificate

RT-PCR THB 3,200/test + certificate

Result will be within 24 hours

Thalang Hospital (near school/Tesco) Tel: 076311033

Rapid Antigen THB 800/test + certificate

RT-PCR THB 3,200/test + certificate

Result will be within 24 hours

Patong Hospital Tel: 076 342 633

Rapid Antigen THB 700/test + certificate

RT-PCR THB 2,800/test + certificate

Result will be within 24 hours

Sarasin Lab (near Thachatchai bridge Checkpoint) Tel: 064 019 9263

Rapid Antigen THB 600/test + certificate

Nabon Chaofa E Rd, Wichit, 

096 142 4463

Rapid Antigen THB 450/test + certificate

RT-PCR THB 2,500/test + certificate

Result will be within 24 hours

*The cost between Thai and NonThai may be different.

*We advise you to call and make an appointment before going


Who do I contact if I have more questions regarding COVID-19 policy, protocols or my family’s specific situation?

Please start by contacting our Health and Safety Manager, Jason Whitnell, at jason.whitnell@uwcthailand.ac.th. He will be happy to discuss this policy further and can also redirect you to other staff as needed.

  • Staggered entry times for first day of school (Friday 14 Aug) then normal time; arrive in class by 8:00am
  • Masks to be worn at all times when in the car park and school
  • Do not come to school if you show any signs of COVID (see later section)
  • Maintain 1m distance when on walkways
  • Temperature check at entrance
  • Drop & Go (parents of ECC & G1-3 may enter school to take their child to classroom)
  • Thanyapura Turnstile will be closed (to be reviewed after two weeks)
  • Staggered dismissal time for first day of school Friday 13 Aug, then normal timetable.
  • Parents wait by cars in car park (please do not crowd around the school entrance)
  • Parents of ECC & G1-3 may enter school to pick up their child from their class teacher.
  • When collecting children please wait outside the building, students will be brought out to the parents
  • Thanyapura turnstile will be closed (to be reviewed after two weeks)
  • At the end of your school day, CCA/ECA or team practise, students are required to leave school immediately to go home
  • After school library access:
  • Preschool to G3 student with parents
  • G4-5 on request
  • G6-12 for book drop off / collection
  • Library closes at 4:40pm
  • Wear mask at all times and bring a spare mask as well; please mark with student’s name
  • A face shield can be used with a mask, but not on its own
  • Social distancing: remain at least 1m apart
  • Observe spacing lines on the floor and any flow direction arrows
  • Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer frequently
  • Bring a water bottle; please mark with the student’s name
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own stationery (pens, pencils, rulers) so as not to share


  • Nursery and Preschool, no mask required, but they are encouraged
  • Kindergarten to wear masks
  • Maintain 1m social distancing
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the classroom and when changing classrooms


  • All students are required to wear a mask
  • Maintain 1m social distancing
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the classroom and when changing classrooms
  • Early Childhood Center

    • Nursery & Preschool will be served lunch in the outdoor seating at the ECC building
    • Kindergarten will be served lunch at the front of the cafeteria 12:00-12:20pm

    Primary and Secondary 

    • Group 1 – Group 2 will be served lunch in the cafeteria in shifts:
      • 12:00-12:25
      • 12:25-12:50 
    • Bubbles will eat in designated areas with no mixing between bubbles
    • Wash hands before and after eating
    • Follow flow arrows, when present
    • 1m social distancing

    For all students

    • Sit at marked places (do not move chairs to be closer to each other)
    • Masks to be worn when collecting food and removed when sat at the table to eat
      • Replace mask when clearing plates
    • Ensure used water cups are placed in the used tray

    Fire Alarm

    • Evacuate to Assembly area via the most direct route to fresh air
    • Disregard flow arrows when evacuating the buildings
    • Disregard 1m social distancing
    • Remove face masks only when requested during evacuation of building, so staff can recognise students and staff

    Shelter Protocol

    • Follow protocol to take cover
    • Disregard flow arrows when evacuating the buildings
    • Disregard 1m social distancing
    • Remove face masks only when requested when evacuating building so staff can recognise students and staff


    • Follow earthquake procedures (drop & take cover)
    • Disregard 1m social distancing
    • Disregard flow arrows when evacuating the buildings
    • Remove face masks only when requested when evacuating building so staff can recognise students and staff
    • All seats will be used within the school bus
    • Wear a mask
    • No eating or drinking whilst in the bus
    • For morning school bus pick up, students will be temperature checked before boarding
    • Masks are optional, but encouraged
    • No social distancing required
    • Equipment will be sterilized after use
    • Wind instruments will not be used
    • All instruments will be sterilized after use
    • Singing/choir with masks on
    • Kindergarten – G12 wear a mask
    • 1m social distancing
    • Outdoor play equipment is available (one person at a time on the trampoline)
    • Wash hands before and after eating snack
    • Nursery – G5 will be served snack in their classroom before going to play
    • G6-12 will be served snack in the cafeteria by staff (students line up)
    • Masks required
    • Social distancing is required
    • On-site 3rd Party Providers require a COVID-19 declaration and following of current protocols for accessing the campus
    • Off-site 3rd Party Providers require:
      • COVID-19 declaration
      • Handwashing facilities
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Toilets
      • Regular hygiene cleaning

    COVID-19 Symptoms, including variant symptoms: 

    • Body temperature of 37.5C or above
    • Dry, persistent cough
    • Persistent headache
    • Sore throat
    • Tiredness / difficulty breathing
    • Loss of smell or taste

    Day students will be isolated in the school medical centre until their parents/guardians can collect them. Boarding students will be isolated in the boarding house until medical advice can be sought.

    Frequently Asked Medical Response Questions

    What is the difference between a High-Risk Contact and a Low-Risk Contact?

    Confirmed Infection

    Thailand’s COVID-19 infection control is for the infected person to be medically assessed to be either hospitalized, local quarantine or home quarantine, depending on condition for 14 days or until non-infectious.


    High Risk Contact (HRC) with a Positive Infected Person

    Thailand’s COVID-19 infection control for any person who has had close contact* with a person confirmed as positive, is for the person to have a PCR test and be quarantined for 14 day. The possible options for quarantine are:

    • home isolation
    • state supplied quarantine facility
    • an ALQ facility, at your own cost

    Irrespective of PCR test results during quarantine resulting negative, all 14 days of quarantine must be respected.


    Low Risk Contact (LRC)

    If a person has been in close contact* with a person who is an HRC, they are deemed to be a LRC person. The LRC person should isolate themselves until the PCR test result of the HRC person. If the result is negative then the LRC person can return to the general population. If the result is positive then the LRC person becomes a HRC person and follows the Thai protocol as a HRC.


    * Close contact is someone who has been within 1m of an infected person for more than 5 minutes and without a mask


    All cases are dealt with by the Thai Ministry of Health and requirements may change without prior notice.

    How will the medical personnel in Phuket respond to a COVID-19 case on the UWCT campus or within the school community?

    Please see the flowchart below for details in response to a COVID-19 positive case. The hospital has reassured us that the decision made by medical personnel regarding the option to do home quarantine is solely based on the severity of illness and the ability of the individual to home quarantine effectively.

    Procedures: When a Student, Teacher or Staff Members COVID – 19 ATK Test Result is Positive :
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