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Globally, UWC includes students from over 150 countries, reaching deeper into the pool of world-wide talent than any other educational movement in order to find future leaders. These students are selected through a vast network of National Committees, comprised of volunteers—many of whom are Alumni—in more than 159 countries around the world. UWC National Committees receive and review the application of each student applying from their country. Each student is means-tested to determine their scholarship requirements, then matched and nominated for one of the 18 UWC schools and colleges around the world.

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By bringing together such a diverse group of engaged and motivated young people, UWC Thailand International School is able to provide a transformational educational experience.

Here in peaceful Phuket, we have the opportunity to facilitate the safe exchange of ideas and the meeting of young minds from different ethnic, racial, political and religious backgrounds. We can connect youth that often live in close proximity without ever engaging, and in many cases without ever meeting. This is why we actively seek students from opposing sides of conflicts, from ethnicities that do not freely mix, or whose lives are truly different despite their shared nationality.

Like all UWCs, UWC Thailand International School is a non-profit member of this group and relies strongly on the support of volunteers, partners and donors to help our students create lasting change. We believe there is no task more important to humankind than educating our future leaders to be peacemakers and protectors of the planet. At UWC Thailand, this mission is alive and well, written on the face of every National Scholar who joins our family.

Funding this transformative experience is a priority for the School Board as the the cost to send a National Scholar through the two-year Diploma Programme at UWC Thailand is approximately USD$80,000 per student. We have an extraordinary—and necessary—task ahead of us, and we need your help.

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