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We are extremely conscientious when it comes to the safety and security of our learning community. All students, parents, and staff are issued electronic ID cards so that everyone on campus is wearing identification and our community is accounted for at all times. Students are only permitted to be collected from school by parents or adults who are authorised to do so. Our campus is spacious yet inclosed, giving students from all ages the opportunity to explore their surroundings and take risks in a secure and safe environment.


Because we spend so much time learning and playing outside, we adhere to the following AQI Policies. 

  • AQI 100-150: Staff and activity leaders are informed not to do aerobic activities, but can continue outside with skill-based drills i.e. ball shooting or tactics.
  • AQI 150 above: Outdoor activity is cancelled and will be relocated to either gyms or classrooms.
  • Parents will be informed by 2:00pm, if we cancel an outdoor after school activity. 
  • Activity coaches/supervisors will be responsible to supervise the students at an indoor location until they have been collected by their parent/guardian. This location will be publicized to parents via the SchoolsBuddy app.


UWC Thailand honours, supports and celebrates students’ development by providing opportunities for them to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. School-wide, we adhere to respectful, responsible, and compassionate interactions by reinforcing the importance of treating others the way that we wish to be treated.

All visitors on campus are also asked to review and abide by the spirit of the UWC Thailand Code of Conduct as well as act in accordance with the laws and cultural norms of Thailand and the UWC Mission. While our proximity to Thanyapura makes it easy to work-out after drop-off or before pick-up, please bear in mind that the school maintains a conservative dress policy. All visitors on campus are expected to carry and display a school issued ID tag and are asked to not take photographs of any students while on campus without permission.

The full UWC Thailand Child Safeguarding Policy #4.1 document can be found HERE. The UWC Thailand Child Safeguarding reporting procedure can be found HERE.

Learn more about Child Safeguarding at UWC Thailand.

The full UWC Thailand Child Safeguarding Policy #4.1 document can be found HERE.

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