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While we are engaged once again in online learning, whilst navigating the many challenges that COVID has thrown us, from our UWC status to the school purchase, the Grade 12 students and a few students from the Class of 2019 spent a good part of this school year applying to college or university. As we have mentioned before, this is an exceptionally challenging endeavour for our students, full of uncertainties and unknowns as most only know the schools they are applying to from online information, friends who may be there, or visits from admission officers. Normally, in this last week of April for schools in the USA, Canada and other places in the world, students have to make a final decision for colleges and universities that have accepted them, though this year the traditional deadline of 1st May has been shifted later a month or so later to accommodate COVID-related challenges. Further, there is great uncertainty whether colleges will be able to open as normal for on-campus learning for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

This year, we have once again had great success in our applications, as our students have been accepted to a wide range of colleges and universities around the world. Final decisions will not be fully confirmed until the IB releases the Diploma results on 5th July, so we are not certain where each student will ultimately enroll. While some of our students will embark on a gap year or are choosing a different path than university, most of our graduates will go on to university, the names of which you can see below. These are some of the world’s best universities and we are indeed fortunate to work with such an exceptional group of young people. They are the future Their hope, intelligence, compassion, humour, and determination to make our world a better place to live for all beings is nothing short of inspiring. Well done Class of 2020!

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