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We welcome applications from students around the world throughout the school year. We encourage those interested in applying to first visit our school in order to ensure that each family feels the school is a good fit. We review each applicant on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not UWCT is able to help each student we enrol maximise their greatest human potential.

Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Information
  • Original scanned copies of each prospective student’s last two school reports (translated into English);
  • a recent passport photo;
  • an original scanned copy of each prospective student’s birth certificate (translated into English), or a copy of their passport;
  • medical information form (information ready to input into our online application);
  • recent Standardised Test Scores (if available);
  • a confidential recommendation submitted through OpenApply, our online application software; and
  • any additional documents including learning support reports and testing results, therapy reports, psychological or psycho-educational testing results and reports, behaviour modification plans, etc.

Please review the Global Class Name Comparison for your class placement reference.

Step 2: Applying Online

Our admissions process from Nursery to Grade 10 is begun by completely the online process outlined in Open Apply.

Diploma Programme students applying for Grade 11 as direct entry applicants (full fee-paying), must apply via the UWC Global Selection Process.

For scholarships to the Diploma Programme, please contact your UWC National Committee. To find out more, click here.

Step 3: Review and Assessment

Prospective students going into Primary School may participate in an assessment with a member of the admissions committee and/or a classroom visit. This decision is based on the documentation and previous school records provided during the application process. An on-campus assessment is always preferable if possible.

Please note that the Admissions Office must receive completed application form, including the required documents and application fee before an assessment or classroom visit can begin. 

Step 4: Enrollment

Once a place in the school has been offered, the family will need to confirm their place within two weeks, at which time certain fees are required. This is important for visa acquisitions, and the Admissions Team will walk each family through this.

Nursery to Grade 10

Our admissions process from Nursery to Grade 10 is all done online through 
Open Apply.

Grade 11 Direct Entry

Students applying for Grade 11  as Direct Entry applicants please use the visit the GSP Info page.

UWC Scholarships

For IBDP students applying for Grade11 with scholarship opportunities, please contact your National Committee.

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