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Written by: Nicolas Frangoudes | Intensive English Programme Instructor

Young learners have great imaginations and we tapped into this talent by creating some amazing adventure stories. Our Grade 6 students were given a setting, a set of interesting characters and had to create and weave an exciting story with several challenges and a final resolution. Additionally, they had to use new time-linking words, a range of tenses, speech between characters and give descriptions using new adjectives.

Students learned how to plan overviews for their story and then planned each paragraph, before writing their first drafts. Checking the drafts with students helped to iron out any language issues, which was a very valuable learning process for the students.

The Mysterious Village of Aroura – Written by Jenny G6

The Lost Village of El Dorado – Written by Daichao G6

The Long Love Story of Eldorado and Trog – Written by Cindy G6

The end result – some amazing stories from our Grade 6 students. Watch out J.K Rowling, the new generation is hot on your heels!

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