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UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UWC Thailand International School became the 16th member of the UWC movement in 2016. Since then our aim has been to realise the UWC mission by delivering a mindful, well-rounded education to a deliberately diverse community. This is underpinned by our belief in the connection between a “Good Heart, Balanced Mind, and Healthy Body”.

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Lural Ramirez – Head of School

Welcome to UWC Thailand

Encircled by virgin rainforest, UWC Thailand sits nestled in the foothills of Phuket’s green-capped mountains, away from the island’s busy city centres. Our unique location is both symbolic and intentional; a physical reminder that in addition to academic rigour, the UWC Thailand community values global citizenship, wellness, and environmental stewardship. From monitoring coral reefs to embedding positively focused mindfulness, the betterment of our students, our community, and our planet are at the centre of everything we do.

Jonathan Field – Secondary Principal

Our Secondary School

Our secondary programme runs from Grade 6-12, following the IB MYP G6-10 and DP G11-12 curriculum. The MYP’s unique approach to curriculum prepares students to be active participants in our global society through the study of eight subject groups. In order to build academic and individual independence, the MYP also values the IB’s Approaches to Learning (ATLs), which help students master self-management. The DP is designed to be both academically challenging and balanced, with externally marked final examinations that prepare students for success at university and life beyond.

Kurtis Peterson – Primary Principal

Our Primary School

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) at UWC Thailand encompasses Nursery to Grade 5, with a bespoke Nursery programme for our younger students. Students enrolled in the PYP explore a concept-driven curriculum, designed around Units of Inquiry in which students shape their learning through their own questions, research, and reflection.

Kanok Chupak – School Director

Our Thai Programme

To understand our shared humanity, we need the opportunity to experience it. To become members of a global community we need to be in situations where the breadth and diversity of humanity is represented. Our programme allows students to experience Thai language and culture first hand.  Most importantly, we need to approach all these things with open-mindedness and curiosity. 

Nicki Robertson – Dean of Students and CIS & IB Self Study Coordinator

Pastoral Care at UWC Thailand

At UWC Thailand, we believe that learning comes from students engaged in the process of ‘doing’. Along this journey, we pique students’ curiosity through the use of guiding questions to help them move forward and discover answers independently. As a fully authorised International Baccalaureate Continuum School that is also accredited by the Council of International Schools, a UWC Thailand diploma is recognised by Ministries, Departments of Education, and universities around the world as a high-quality, international education.

Len Peters – School and University Counsellor 

Counselling and Life Beyond UWC Thailand

The goal of all IB schools is to create “inquiring, knowledgeable, caring young people who are motivated to succeed.” Post-secondary educational options are many and varied, much like the profile of our UWC Thailand student body. Many students are clear they wish to attend university, and are determined to pursue a specific course of study. Others want to attend university though have no idea what to study, or where. We are keen to support each student’s aims and do our utmost to facilitate their transition from UWC Thailand to the next part of their educational journey.

Lucy Keller – Head of Mindfulness

Mindfulness as a Core Pillar

We believe that well-being and mindfulness are integral in an increasingly demanding world. UWC Thailand is considered a pioneer in embedding Well-being and Mindfulness into our curriculum. Under the direction of our Head of Mindfulness, our entire community are invited to engage in practices that help them handle their emotions and behaviour skillfully, through a positive lens, with care and concern for themselves and for others.

Joost Langendonck – Director of Sport

Sport and Activities at UWC Thailand

At UWC Thailand International School physical activity is an integral part of campus life. Together with our next door neighbour and close partner Thanyapura, our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities for Football, Track & Field, Swimming, Fitness, Triathlon, Muay Thai, and Tennis. UWC Thailand also offers a wide variety of after school activities including drama, Pilates, sailing, MUN and STEAM. Through the school’s Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs), students are able to train within high performance programmes. Likewise, our Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) offer students an opportunity to pursue staff-led sporting and non-sporting activities. 

Heidi Oxley-Whitnell – CAS & Service Learning Coordinator

Service Learning at UWC Thailand

Service provides students with the opportunity to put their values into practice on a daily basis. As an integral part of our programme, students engage in service activities starting in Primary School; participating in beach clean-ups, campus-wide sustainability projects, and working within our local community to develop a life-long commitment to giving back. Far from “volun-tourism”, UWC Thailand is committed to building deep and sustained connections with the local community through reciprocal relationships.

Rob Carmichael – Head of Outdoor Education & EOTC

Outdoor Education at UWC Thailand

Outdoor learning positively affects psychological well being, increases creativity, and improves attention and focus. This is why, learning beyond the classroom is a hallmark of a UWC Thailand education.

Joel Fisher – Arrowsmith Program Director

Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is based on the philosophy that it is possible to address specific learning difficulties by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive capacities. The Arrowsmith Program first identifies areas of learning strength and weakness within the student through careful assessment in order to create an individualised learning profile. It then utilises the science of neuroplasticity to design a programme of individualised exercises that target the student’s precise areas of weakness.

Erica Lindberg & Sarah Lawrence – Learning Support Teachers

Student Learning Support

Our Learning Support Department provides students with the opportunity and encouragement to flourish within their environment. Students at UWC Thailand are part of an inclusive learning community that is both respectful and accepting. We acknowledge that each child has their own unique strengths, educational approaches, and learning styles. Students receive support in class and through pull-out support, depending on each student’s needs.

Andrew Raftery – Director of Residential Life

Our Boarding Programme

In the UWC Thailand boarding house, we believe the most authentic way to develop intercultural understanding is by uniting students from more than 50 different countries over meals, successes, failures, movies, hikes, songs, debates, dances, volleyball, football, poetry, food (did we mention that already?), and washing laundry together for more than 280 days each year. UWC Thailand’s boarding facilities consist of an 84-student Boarding House, as well as satellite villas—when needed—just a three-minute walk from campus. Boarding staff live on campus or at the villas, and there is always a member of staff willing to lend an ear or a hand.

Wendy Van Bramer – Director of DP Admissions & NC Liaison

Applying to UWC Thailand

Thank you for your interest in UWC Thailand International School. We realise that choosing a new school for your child is a very important (and often stressful) decision, so we are here to answer any questions that you may have along the way. Our approach to education is inclusive, mindful and forward-thinking. As an extremely diverse  international IB school, our community currently represents over 70 nationalities with no one dominant culture. We look forward to welcoming you to the UWC Thailand family.
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