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Transformative Learning

At UWC Thailand, we are committed to nurturing great human beings with the knowledge, skills, dispositions and values that transcend time. We provide an education where students develop into curious inquirers who are encouraged to ask deep questions. In doing so we seek that they are challenged and transformed in their thinking and their understanding and beliefs about themselves, others and the world and that inspire in them active and driven response.

Our integrated and holistic educational approach emphasizes learning by doing; problem solving and critical thinking; understanding and action; collaboration and cooperation; social responsibility and civic-mindedness; individualization and personalization; and community and service.

UWC Thailand Student  Numbers 

Primary Years Programme Students

Diploma Programme Students

Middle Years Programme

  • Develop and implement school-wide steering groups, with dedicated meeting time, as well as frameworks and structures to support broader, ongoing engagement from the community in relation to DEI and Sustainability (Aug 2021 – ongoing)
  • Full implementation of the PYP Enhancements with a major focus on the Learner, Learning and Teaching, and Learning Environment.
    (April 2021 & ongoing)
  • Evaluate timetables for mission and value alignment in use of time and what is best for students (Oct 2021 – Mar 2022)
  • Review teacher responsibilities and workload (Sep 2021 & ongoing)
  • Review of Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities programme with the goal of offering consistent, high-quality programming to students while also managing teacher workload expectations (Sep 2021 – Aug 2022)
  • Review boarding house staffing structure with the objective of utilizing best practice and developing a financially sustainable model (Sep 2021 – Dec 2023)
  • Extend pilot and consider wider implementation of the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (“ASDAN”) programme from Grade 4 to 12 (Sep 2021 – Dec 2023)
  • Review the implementation of composite classroom model in Primary (e.g. combined Nursery/Preschool and Grade 4/5 classrooms) (Review complete by Nov 2021 for Aug 2022 implementation)
  • Develop strategy for expanding student-directed learning opportunities (Jan 2022 – Mar 2022)
  • Work with IB and UWC to obtain approval for implementation of a UWC Global Diploma (Nov 2021 and ongoing)
  • Develop comprehensive plan and implementation schedule for upgrading Lower Primary and Upper Primary courtyards (Apr 2021 – Aug 2021)
  • Develop comprehensive plan and implementation schedule for Primary and Secondary learning spaces, classroom fixtures and furnishings (Sep 2021 – Aug 2022)
  • Modify school calendar, timetable and schedules to maximize student learning, increase teacher collaboration time and align whole school schedules for optimal learning and facilities usage. (Aug 2022 and ongoing)
  • Develop and implement the “continuum taxonomy”, aimed at supporting learning aims in the areas of inquiry, knowledge and the development of caring young people (Sep 2023 – June 2024)
  • Full Grade 6-10 Curriculum Review to determine if MYP remains the optimal middle years curriculum for UWC Thailand (Jan 2023 – June 2023)
  • Develop evidencing associated with the “continuum taxonomy” focused on the development of student knowledge, skills, dispositions and values (Sept 2024-June 2026)
  • Develop plan for mindful technology integration to support learning and teaching (Jan 2024 & ongoing w/ annual review)



Our 15 Goals for the road to success

To be world-leading, we identified three areas for increased strategic focus – Transformative Learning, Mindfulness and Outdoor Experiential Education. The bulk of our plan consists of how we will lean in on these three areas of strength, building out our curriculum, programmes and facilities to deliver a world-leading, mission-aligned education to our students and prominence for our school.

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