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Over the course of the 2020/21 school year, the School Board sought community involvement through feedback on what would be required in order for our school to be a world-leader in five years time. This motivated stakeholders across the community to think creatively about both general and specific needs, with a focus on how we can thrive. Through these ongoing conversations, and with the involvement of our incoming Head of School for the 2021/22 school year as well, the school community has created this roadmap to guide our collective actions and decisions for the next five years.


Key Development Area Definitions

People: Select, educate, and graduate the most diverse, deserving and promising students possible while also engaging our parents, camp participants and the broader community in the UWC experience. At the same time, enhance efforts to recruit, nurture and retain a diverse and dedicated faculty and staff who are outstanding educational professionals. Prioritize and steward the engagement of alumni, generous donors and supporters.

Place: Renew the campus infrastructure for the future through initiatives that are responsive to growth needs, cost-effective, energy-efficient, timely and informed by stakeholder input. Support this development through effective business planning and sound financial policy that achieves financial sustainability supported by a diverse mix of tuition, philanthropy, endowment income, and revenue generation. Ensure our boarding programme grows, flourishes and integrates meaningfully into our broader community.

Programme: Inspire students to be responsible and active global citizens by fostering innovative programming, cutting edge curriculum, leadership in experiential learning, IB excellence and creativity, and development of personal wellbeing and a commitment to outdoor challenge and pursuit.

Purpose: Reaffirm and strengthen our commitments as a UWC, ensuring our guiding statements make us a force as we strive for greater sustainability and the development of impactful global citizens who take on the world mindfully and with the knowledge, skills, dispositions and values to transform as needed throughout their lives. 

Purpose of the Strategic Plan

This strategic development plan represents a shared commitment to a unified path forward, consolidating UWC Thailand’s responsibility to our local, regional and wider world, while advancing our status as a leader in providing holistic, mission-aligned learning experiences. It provides direction on how we will drive our vision of learning forward that allows every learner to feel success and motivation inside and outside the classroom. It asks our members to build on our strengths of connection and community while honouring our educational values with both words and actions. 

Commitment to Grow and Evolve

Effective strategic development plans combine strategic intent with flexibility to the organic development of ideas and initiatives. As the school evolves, so too will our priorities and areas of focus. That being said, the overall commitment to our main goals and mission will remain: to work together to nurture our UWC campus in Phuket, Thailand to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

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