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Our Leadership Team

The UWC Thailand Leadership Team takes responsibility for the constant pursuit of UWC Thailand’s Mission and Values. In order to bring these to life,  the Head of School works closely with UWC Thailand’s Directors, Principals and key Coordinators to ensure that students’ best interests are at the centre of decisions.
Photo of Lural Ramirez Lural Ramirez Head of School

Lural joins UWC Thailand after having previously worked for 7 years at Centro Educativo Futuro Verde in Costa Rica and 11 years at Lincoln Elementary School in Oregon, on the west coast of the United States. She holds a BA in Communications from Linfield College (now Linfield University), a BA in Spanish from Linfield College (now Linfield University) and a MAT in Teaching, with an emphasis in bilingual education from Oregon State University.

As an educator, she is passionate, committed and joyful. She loves to learn alongside a diverse group of fellow educators, students and families and strives to do everything she can to remove barriers, champion transformative learning and support all members of a school community to continue to evolve and grow together. School communities that she is fortunate enough to join benefit from her strong and lasting commitment.

She loves to really become a part of the school and broader community and commits to a long enough tenure to really ensure that goals are achieved, progress is made and a lasting impact is felt throughout the school culture. She joins the UWC Thailand community in Phuket with her husband, Alejandro, and their three children: Joaquin, Santiago and Quetzal as well as their dog, Luna, and their cat, Pinto. She loves to do all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, especially surfing, running, cycling, hiking, triathlons, volleyball, basketball and yoga!

Photo of Kurtis Peterson Kurtis Peterson Primary Principal

Kurtis, originally from Canada, is in his 3rd year at UWC Thailand after spending 12 years prior to UWCT as a principal in Vietnam, China, and Uganda. Prior to this, he taught Primary and Middle School in Uganda, Canada, and Colombia as well as working with street kids in Peru.

A passionate learner and leader, Kurtis enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with staff, students and parents to develop the learning pedagogy and community. In particular, he is a strong advocate for authentic and meaningful learning opportunities that enhance the holistic growth of our learners. He is a firm believer in the beliefs and values that underpin the PYP–and school as a whole–and strives to take action to continually make our school a fantastic, challenging place to learn.

When not at school, Kurtis spends most of his ‘free’ time with his family (wife, three young children and 2 dogs). When he gets the chance, he loves to participate in both team and individual sports, read, and stay connected with family and friends.

Photo of Jonathan Field Jonathan Field Secondary Principal and DP History

Jon joined UWC Thailand in 2017. He has spent over 20 years working in IB World Continuum schools on four continents. He has held numerous positions in schools in Switzerland, Tanzania, Peru and Hong Kong. Jon considers himself a true life-long learner who strives to stay up-to-date with the very latest research on how we all learn best.

As an eduator, he passionately believes that when we are all comfortable taking risks and learning from our mistakes, we will feel empowered to pursue our interests and provide the very best learning environments for students.

Jon enjoys scuba diving, travelling, reading, rock climbing and football. He has developed a deep reserve of resilience through a lifetime of supporting Aston Villa Football Club.

Photo of Raquel Carolina Silva Raquel Silva Director of Admissions, Marketing and Engagement

Raquel was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where her mother and some of her extended family still live. Her international experience started when she was 7 years old when she lived in Houston, USA. Later, she was given the opportunity to be part of a French family for a year as an AFS exchange student. She is proud to say that she has both French and Japanese sisters and family! She started her career in communications as an environmental journalist for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Latin America. This led her to move to Japan where she spent over 8 years conducting academic research and also teaching in schools and universities. After completing her studies and teaching contracts, she moved back to Venezuela to allow her children to connect with their heritage and extended family, alongside co-owning and managing an eco-friendly hospitality business. In 2014, she moved to Thailand where she worked as the marketing manager of an online business, before pursuing roles in admissions and marketing management within international education. She holds a PhD (ABD) & MA in Human and Environmental Policies from Kyoto University, Japan, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking from Parsons School of Design, New York, a Certificate in Hospitality; Spa Management from Derby University, UK, and a BA in Communications from Catholic University, Caracas.

The aspect that she loves most about her current role is that she is able to communicate with people from all over the world and offer them the key to an excellent education in a safe, friendly, engaging and happy environment, aimed at being a global citizen and creating a better world for all.

UWC Mission

UWC Makes Education a Force to Unite People, Nations and Cultures for Peace and Sustainable Future.

UWC Thailand Motto

Good Heart, Balanced Mind, Healthy Body.

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