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As a non-for-profit Nursery to Grade 12 school, UWC Thailand is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Our school operation is guided by our UWC mission and our structure is determined by regulatory, compliance and reporting requirements. Our structure consists of two governance bodies (the School Board and the Foundation Board) and one land-owning body, Banyapura Limited; additionally we have to fulfil the operating requirements of these regulatory bodies: Department of Administrative Affairs under Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education and the Department of Business Development.


In accordance with the Private School Act B.E. 2550 (2007) and the amended Private School Act (No. 2) B.E. 2554 (2011), UWC Thailand International School has an Executive Board (the “School Board”). The School Board provides strategic, financial, legal and reputational oversight and leadership. The School Board also has responsibility for employing and managing the Head of School. All day-to-day operational decisions are made by the Head of School and our Leadership Team. 

School Board members are expected to take positions and provide expertise on Board Committees.  Our current School Board Members:

  • Nicola Upham (Board Chair)
  • Benjamin Gilmartin (Deputy Chair)
  • Ann Iberson-Hurst
  • Charlotte Meyer
  • Lister Hannah
  • Sigrid Smile Coloyan

  • Sonia Tay
  • Yulia Voldina
  • Phatcharaphorn Phermkaew

Board Secretary: Rattana (Joyce) Suwannarat



UWC Thailand is ultimately owned by the Education for a Sustainable Future Foundation, a non-profit foundation registered under Thai laws (“ESF”). ESF is governed by its own Board of Directors, which provides high level oversight of UWC Thailand and Banyapura Limited, ensuring that the school remains focused on its long-term mission and vision.  

The ESF Board also engages with the school and the community on fundraising and philanthropy.   Our Foundation Board Members:

  • Boon Yongsakul
  • Calvin Quek
  • Klaus Hebben
  • Pantuda Jivavisitnont
  • Sirivibha Dusiyamee Berger


ESF owns Banyapura Limited, a Thai private company which holds the school license.  The Banyapura Board has limited responsibilities with most decisions either falling to the School Board or directly decided by the Foundation Board. Banyapura Board Members: 

  • Andrew Siao
  • Rebecca Thorburn
  • Somporn Thonglarb
  • Yuriko Higuchi


Additionally, the following Board Committees have been created to complement and assist the work of the School:

  • Engagement Committee – Denise Gilmartin, Committee Chair
  • Finance Committee – Ann Iberson-Hurst, Committee Chair
  • Governance and Nominations Committee – Kathleen Wong, Committee Chair
  • Steering Committee – Nicola Upham, Committee Chair

All board members of the three governing bodies are subject to vetting by the Governance Committee and have committed to our Professional and Personal Code of Conduct for Board Members and Child Safeguarding Policy.

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