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Discover UWC Thailand

“Discover UWC Thailand” is a project aimed at opening a channel for a community of teachers, parents, staff and students to learn and discuss relevant topics related to global education and how UWC Thailand is approaches these aspects to provide a transformative learning experience.

Webinars Recordings and Resources

The Case for Personal Challenge

Join us as we enjoy a discussion on the benefits of engaging with ‘personal challenge’ led by Dylan Haskin (Adventure photographer and Filmmaker) and Rob Carmichael (Director of Outdoor Experiential Education at UWC Thailand). Our hosts will discuss why there is a need for personal challenge and how outdoor environments can play a pivotal part in developing an individual’s skills and attributes, including; confidence, risk management, creative thinking, personal responsibility and leadership.

Living a fufilled life: Looking after ourselves, our families, and our world.


Well-being is an essential aspect of flourishing in today’s world, and successful schools are making time to develop mindful approaches to care for their students, staff, and parents. Join this session to understand how to develop a compassionate, community-based approach to wellbeing in your school context. Our keynote speakers and panel will discuss how mindfulness and wellbeing are key aspects to nurturing resilience and living a fulfilled life. This webinar is ideal for school leaders, administrators, parents, or students who are considering how to prioritise wellbeing in their school community. Facilitated by Raphael Jay Adjani, a Life Development Coach, and Kim Young, our Director of Mindfulness, along with a panel of school community members, this webinar will offer new perspectives and creative ideas to support wellbeing in your learning community!

The Power of Inquiry-based Learning

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) seeks to ground learning in an inquiry-based approach. Join us to discover how powerful an inquiry-based approach can be in engaging students in learning and the skills and abilities that teachers and parents need to best support this approach. This webinar is ideal for parents considering an inquiry-based model of schooling for their child and for teachers seeking to further expand their inquiry-based teaching strategies in the classroom. Led by our primary school principal, Kurtis Peterson, our PYP coordinator, Jen Friske, along with a panel of inquiry-driven teachers from UWC Thailand, this webinar promises to inspire and equip attendees with the knowledge and disposition required to make inquiry-based learning a success!

UWC Thailand Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters, Perspectives from UWC

UWC international schools and colleges are known for their model of deliberate diversity, as we bring students together from all over the world to live and study over the course of the two-year IB diploma program. Our movement has committed to deliberate diversity as a founding principle and pillar of our programming, but, why does this diversity matter? What are the challenges and opportunities of our deliberately diverse model for teaching and learning? How do we integrate current day emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) into our programming? Join us for a stimulating dialogue that will feature Ken Kuguru, a member of our UWC movement-wide Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ARDEI) team, as well as the teacher leaders from our campus-wide DEI steering group here at UWC Thailand.This is a must-attend webinar for anyone interested in the realities of diversity models on school programming and the experiences of those leading movement-wide and school-wide efforts.

English Language Acquisition for Academic Success

Discover how how English Language acquisition can lead to academic success in an international school setting with UWC Thailands Head of School, Lural Ramirez, as she shares key takeaways from her vast experience leading bilingual and monolingual schools the world over and learn from our language support specialists the very best strategies for helping a non-native English speaker acquire language effectively and efficiently.

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Student Leadership: Opportunities and Challenges

Discover this engaging webinar that brings together student leaders across multiple UWC schools and colleges as they discuss the opportunities and challenges students encounter as they join a UWC campus and seek and build leadership skills. This panel will highlight the shared experiences and unique challenges of our student leaders and is a must-see event for any student motivated to lead or any adult looking to best support student leaders.

Additional resources:

  • Webinar Slides – Student Leadership: Opportunities and Challenges – PDF

Can Students Lead Successful Service Projects?

Service Learning forms a crucial part of the curricular approach at many IB schools and on UWC campuses around the world. But, can students lead successful service projects? Join us for this informative webinar in which you will learn how to best support students in taking the lead in service projects, the risks and challenges of student leadership and important considerations to keep in mind throughout the process. Successful student-led service projects from UWC Thailand will be highlighted as a part of this not-to-miss webinar!

Transformative Learning for 21st Century Skills

Discover what “Transformative Learning for 21st Century Skills” is from industry experts and educational thought-leaders.

Additional resources:

  • Webinar Slides – Transformative Learning for 21st Century Skills – PDF

How to Raise a Happy, Whole Child

Discover ‘How to Raise a Happy Whole Child’ with a focus on their wellbeing as UWC Thailand Head of School Lural Ramirez speaks to Nutrition Dietitian and Food consultant Ai Jerome and UWC Thailand School Counsellor Kelsey Petersen on what key aspects contribute to long term happiness and how to support students to thrive. The will discussion will focus on:

✔ Supporting students’ mental wellbeing

✔ How diet and nutrition affect students learning

✔ How to develop healthy habits early in life

✔ How to build physical and mental resilience

University Counselling Does Matter

Discover why “University Counselling Does Matter” in ensuring secondary school students gain acceptance into best-fit, post-secondary programmes, with a focus on what the student and family most value in a university experience and the matching of student long-term goals with the college or university that will best fit their needs. UWC Thailand Head of School, Lural Ramírez, will facilitate the conversation with Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Ivy MBA Consulting, Eli David and UWC Thailand School and University Counsellor Len Peters to discuss:

Post-secondary pathways

✔ Choosing the best university 

✔ Determining “fit”

✔ What it takes to get into the top schools?

The Benefits of Boarding

Discover the “Benefits of Boarding” for students from Grade 9 to 12! UWC Thailand Head of School, Lural Ramírez, will facilitate the conversation with boarding school expert Lister Hannah and UWC Thailand Director of Residential Life Simone Sgarbossa to discuss:

  Wellbeing and academic support

Developing independence and responsibility  

Creating community and connection 

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