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Admin & Support Staff

Our administration and support staff work behind the scenes to keep the school systems running. Each department works closely with our teaching and learning staff to deliver a transformational experience for students.

Boarding Staff

Photo of Nathalie Chotard Nathalie Chotard MYP and DP French, Boarding house parent

As an international educator, the area that Nathalie finds most satisfying is supporting students in exploring new interests. She enjoys listening, asking further questions in order to understand them better but also guiding their own thoughts and encouraging further reflection.

Photo of Merrick Fairall Merrick Fairall Boarding Mentor / High Peformance Athlete Coordinator / Head swim coach

Merrick joined UWC Thailand in 2019. His sporting achievements, together with his passion for working with people, led him to study for a Psychology Degree. Through ten years of coaching and working in schools, he strives to help others grow as an individual through encouraging and guiding them towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. He is excited to witness any form of individualistic progress.

In his free time, Merrick likes to explore nature through various avenues such as going on hikes, riding his bike, camping and surfing.

Photo of Pailin Panchalard Pailin Panchalard Boarding House Administrator Assistant

Pailin joined UWC Thailand in 2021. She has experience in administrative services with Laguna Phuket hotels, Outrigger Resort, and Banyan Tree Management Academy. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Prince of Songkla University. She enjoys multitasking by organizing everything in advance. She feels wonderful when she can manage barriers to make a difficult situation better.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, dancing, yoga, reading, and teaching mathematics to Thai students.

Photo of Beverly Renaux Beverly Renaux Boarding Mentor

Beverly is originally from Zambia and joined UWC Thailand in 2018. Previously, she worked in two schools in Zambia assisting in the Learning Support Department as well as working as a part-time swim coach. She also interned with an organization called SAFFI where she was part of a team that helped and supported victims of GBV in Cape Town, South Africa. She lived in Mauritius for three years whilst completing her undergraduate degree, BSc Psychology and Counseling Skills from Middlesex University Mauritius and has also completed her PGCE. As an educator, she loves the diversity at UWC Thailand and enjoys seeing how each student shares their culture, their story and how they develop into the best versions of themselves through the various opportunities offered. Beverly enjoys cooking, travelling, photography, camping and tea!

Photo of Ranee (Tik) Wanyee Ranee (Tik) Wanyee Boarding House Manager

Ranee is a Phuket native. Before joining UWC Thailand, she worked in hospitality. She graduated with a Bachelor of Tourism Industry from Phuket Rajaphat Institute (now Phuket University). Outside of work, her favourite activity is travelling.

Administration Staff

Photo of Mutita (Zin) Boonsop Mutita (Zin) Boonsop Account Payable
Photo of Thidarat (Preaw) Bumrungrat Thidarat (Preaw) Bumrungrat Bus Monitor
Photo of Saowalak (Pan) Chantasom Saowalak (Pan) Chantasom Human Resources and Payroll Manager

Originally from Bangkok, Pan joined UWC Thailand in 2019. Now the Human Resources and Payroll Manager, she believes in the UWC mission and vision and would like to learn more about our multicultural community as well as support our amazing team. When she has free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Being a foodie, she likes to cook and bake a wide assortment of food.

Photo of Kampanat (KC) Chomjampee Kampanat (KC) Chomjampee

KC moved to Phuket 7 years ago and joined UWC Thailand in 2018. His experience is in customer service and finance. He gained a Bachelor and Masters degree in Economics. KC’s goal is to become a global citizen, connecting himself to the world and contributing more to sustainability, which perfectly fits the school’s mission and vision.

Photo of Kolin Friske Kolin Friske Communications and Marketing Manager
Photo of Nattaya (Nat) Gilbey Nattaya (Nat) Gilbey Accountant
Photo of Pichit (Bus) Hahwa Pichit (Bus) Hahwa Procurement Manager

Bus joined UWC Thailand in 2021 as the Purchasing Manager. He holds a Bachelors degree in business management and during his free time he enjoys playing football.

Photo of Claire Hutley Claire Hutley Communications and Marketing Senior Manager

Claire was born in Cape Town, South Africa in the beautiful town of Hout Bay. At the age of 10, her family moved to Johannesburg where she finished her schooling and education and began her career as a Graphic Designer.

Throughout her career, Claire has worked for a number of advertising agencies. In 2004, she started a Design & Advertising Agency in Johannesburg working with a multitude of local and international clients on a diverse portfolio of projects. She has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with people and working together to find the best and most appropriate form of communication and visual representation.

Subsequently, Claire was offered the position of Head Designer at Africa’s largest Corporate & Promotional Gifts company. As Head Designer, she served as Brand Custodian and oversaw the companies’ publications and creative output.

Claire is passionate about design, communication, learning and being part of a team working towards achieving a common goal.

Besides spending time with family, Claire and her husband, James enjoy swimming, yoga, kickboxing, and being with their animals.

Photo of Panassaya (Pear) Jaengjamras Panassaya (Pear) Jaengjamras Personal Assistant to Secondary Principal

Pear is originally from Phuket and joined UWC Thailand in 2018 as the personal assistant to the Secondary Principal. She enjoys watching movies and listening to music in her free time.

Photo of Wuttichai (Rid) Khiadnoi Wuttichai (Rid) Khiadnoi Driver
Photo of Warattaya (Oon) Leelakun Warattaya (Oon) Leelakun Admissions Officer

Oon joined UWC Thailand in 2018. She was born in Phang-nga but has lived in Phuket since she was 4 years old. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities (English Major) from Chiang Mai University.

She enjoys working at UWC Thailand because she has a chance to practice her English skills every day, and her colleagues are supportive and helpful.

She likes to do cross-stitching, running and hanging out with friends when she has free time.

Photo of Darunee (Kan) Ondam Darunee (Kan) Ondam Admissions Manager

Kan is originally from Thailand and joined UWC Thailand in 2019. After completing her Master degree in Human resource management from Central Queensland University in Sydney, she started working in an educational institute for 5 years, then returned to Thailand in 2018. Working in school gives her a chance to connect with young people and thus they inspire her to be a better person. She loves travelling, meeting new people and being an easy-going person.

Photo of Preyaphorn (Mook) Pong-aksorn Preyaphorn (Mook) Pong-aksorn Administrative Coordinator to school activities, sport, service, trips & camps

Mook is originally from Narathiwat, the deepest south of Thailand, and joined UWC Thailand in 2018 as the school’s activities coordinator. She attended Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus, where she achieved a BBA majoring in Tourism Management. She enjoys and values her role. To her, it is so much more than just assisting in planning and organizing activities; she feels she is supporting students, parents, and teachers, helping them to understand different cultures and to apply their knowledge from the classroom to their daily life through a variety of activities. In her spare time, she loves gardening (she loves cactus in particular), watching TV series or movies, and listening to music. She is a “dog person” and enjoys iced coffee or iced matcha latte in the afternoon. She always thinks that she is a student of the world!

Photo of Chomplearn (Mum) Rattanakup Chomplearn (Mum) Rattanakup Resources Officer

Mum is originally from Thailand and joined UWC Thailand in 2014 as a Resource Officer. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities English Major from the University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce. She believes in Three acts of goodness: Do good deeds, Speak good words, Think good thoughts. She balances her mind with daily meditation as well as dog walking every weekend. To have a healthy body has a work out in the morning & evening as part of her daily routine.

Photo of Surachai (Pu) Rayakul Surachai (Pu) Rayakul Driver
Photo of On-Anong (Kade) Saelim On-Anong (Kade) Saelim Government Liaison&HR Supervisor

Kade is a Phuket native and joined UWC Thailand in 2015, working with the Admin team and Government Liaison. She graduated with a BBA (Hotel and Tourism Management) in 2009 and she has experience working in hotels. She is now working in the HR department as well as assisting with visas and work permits for staff and some students and parents.

In her free time, she enjoys teaching English to Thai students in small class settings and baking.

Photo of Natchaya (Beer) Seejunjang Natchaya (Beer) Seejunjang Administrative Supervisor

Beer is from Sonhkhla province and joined UWC Thailand in 2017. She works in Operations, helping to manage the school buses, transportation for school trips, housekeeping and maintenance. She loves working at UWC Thailand because of the people and the workplace.

In her free time, she enjoys watching Korean series and loves the Korean boy band BTS.

Photo of Phatchara (Bee) Sirilap Phatchara (Bee) Sirilap Account Payable
Photo of Sarucha Lin Somanatrsorn Sarucha Lin Somanatrsorn School Nurse

Sarucha is a nurse who has experience working in both hospitals and schools. Over the years, she has found that many medical problems are related to the environment and food. This has driven her passion to encourage people to be healthier, improve the environment by planting large trees to produce more oxygen, produce organic fruits and veggies for safe food, and plant and consume their healthy food. She believes that prevention is always better than a cure.

Outside of work, she enjoys planting and sports.

Photo of Kwansiri (Kwan) Sombat Kwansiri (Kwan) Sombat Personal Assistant to Primary Principal

Kwan was born and raised in Phuket, and joined UWC Thailand in 2017 as a Teaching Assistant. She is now Personal Assistant to the Primary Principal. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Art in German from Chiang Mai University. She uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage herself to work hard and succeed. In her free time, Kwan likes to go camping in the forest or mountains, and find fun activities, such as rafting or preparing grilled delicacies in her backyard with her family or friends.

Photo of Jintana (Ple) Songnopparat Jintana (Ple) Songnopparat Bus Monitor
Photo of Sutarsinee (Coco) Suanplee Sutarsinee (Coco) Suanplee Office Manager

Originally from Bangkok, Coco joined UWC Thailand in 2010. Previously, she worked at another well known international school in Phuket and before that at a bilingual school in Had Yai. Coco has a Master’s degree in Communication Arts from Bangkok University.

In her spare time, Coco enjoys travelling, being in nature and dancing.

Photo of Rattana (Joyce) Suwannarat Rattana (Joyce) Suwannarat

Joyce first joined UWC Thailand in 2015 as Personal Assistant to the Primary Principal. She returned in 2021 as an Executive Personal Assistant.

Joyce is happiest when she is busy, and she is always easygoing. She operates with high energy and is always ready to offer a helping hand.

Photo of Yuranan (Arm) Thongwichian Yuranan (Arm) Thongwichian IT Manager

Arm joined UWC Thailand in 2015. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Computer Science. As UWC Thailand’s IT Manager, he is responsible for remote support, on-site installation and support, and administration duties. He feels inspired by the people he has worked with, who taught him valuable lessons about how to approach the world of IT and how to see things from different perspectives.

Outside of school, he likes to spend time with family and friends, enjoys shopping, running and cycling.

Photo of Wendy Van Bramer Wendy Van Bramer Director of DP Admissions and NC Liaison

Wendy joined UWC Thailand in 2018 after 28 years at International School Bangkok (ISB). She began her educational career in Adult Education but soon discovered that she enjoyed teaching children much more. Before moving into Admissions, she taught both ESOL and Grade 6 Humanities.

Wendy has a BA in Asian Studies and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She has been interested in travel and other cultures from a young age and was selected to be an AFS International Exchange Student to Thailand while in high school and spent an awesome year as a member of a Thai family in Bangkok. Her third year of university was at Chiang Mai University and she is fluent in written and spoken Thai.

Both of her children were born and raised in Bangkok and are proud IB Diploma Program graduates of ISB. Presently her daughter, Becca, is in LA and her son Jake is in Wisconsin. Wendy enjoys swimming, hiking, biking, and boogie boarding. As one of many proud owners of the Green Bay Packers NFL team she especially enjoys watching American Football on the weekends.

Photo of Inna Wareesri Inna Wareesri Admin Assistant

Inna is a Phuket native and joined UWC Thailand in 2015. Previously, she was in charge of tourist relations at Hyatt Regency Phuket. She has a restaurant at Kamala beach as well. For over 5 years she has been in charge of organizing the stationery and uniforms at UWC Thailand.

Photo of Jason Whitnell Jason Whitnell MYP EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

Jason joined UWC Thailand in 2015. His Health and Safety background stems from his previous life as a firefighter in the UK for 23 years. Previously working with his wife, Heidi, at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Kenya, he has helped to set up Health and Safety practices and procedures. He oversees the UWC Thailand medical centre and provides first-aid courses for staff and students. He is a keen outdoor geek enjoying cycling, surfing, running and swimming. Within UWC Thailand, he supports the outdoor education program as a kayak instructor & Duke of Edinburgh supervisor & assessor. His motto is, ‘If you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live?’.

Photo of Thirasak (Yong) Wongsawangwech Thirasak (Yong) Wongsawangwech Assistant IT Manager

Yong joined UWC Thailand in 2015. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. His daily work consists of IT support and audio control system. He likes to spend time reading ebooks on his mobile phone, reading investment news and doing cardio workouts.

Photo of Kanyarat (Mangpor) Yoonin Kanyarat (Mangpor) Yoonin School Nurse
Photo of Linjie Zhou Linjie Zhou Bilingual Admissions & Communications Coordinator

Linjie holds a Masters degree in Cultural Management from Chulalongkorn University and a double Bachelors degree in English and Chinese as a Foreign Language from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She has worked as a curator and art director at V64 Art Studio, marketing director at Hof Art Space, curator at SAC Art Center and S.A.C. Gallery, and is the co-founder of Offbeat Box in Bangkok and L.A.P. Gallery in Wuhan. She has vast experience in communications and marketing. She understands the power of an individual’s unique background to unite the community and loves being able to share the value of the diverse members of our community. She loves music, art, travel and language, and has been living in Thailand for over 10 years, as her second motherland, with her husband Cecê Nobre and their son Taj Nobre.

Housekeeping & Support Staff

Photo of Duangtawan (Pae) Chaikhiri Duangtawan (Pae) Chaikhiri Cleaner
Photo of Khomthong Chantamat Khomthong Chantamat Cleaner
Photo of Prayoon Choochart Prayoon Choochart Cleaner
Photo of Maitree Jarajit Maitree Jarajit Cleaner
Photo of Nutjakorn Jungpat Nutjakorn Jungpat Cleaner
Photo of Chiranan Kaeokhonkaen Chiranan Kaeokhonkaen Cleaner
Photo of Thaifa (Tan) Khlaisuban Thaifa (Tan) Khlaisuban Head of Cleaner
Photo of Supansa (Fon) Kingthong Supansa (Fon) Kingthong Cleaner
Photo of Narumol (Pla) Korkittipong Narumol (Pla) Korkittipong Cleaner
Photo of Rowsida Pleeta Rowsida Pleeta Cleaner
Photo of Arunee (Nee) Puangkrathok Arunee (Nee) Puangkrathok Cleaner
Photo of Ratda Sangkasri Ratda Sangkasri Cleaner
Photo of Pasuk Sangphokaew Pasuk Sangphokaew Cleaner
Photo of Pranom (Ann) Somboonnoi Pranom (Ann) Somboonnoi Cleaner
Photo of Wanna (Na) Somnnuek Wanna (Na) Somnnuek Cleaner
Photo of Montein Somnuek Montein Somnuek Maintenance Officer
Photo of Kwanjai Srisamut Kwanjai Srisamut Cleaner
Photo of Apinya Tanpoean Apinya Tanpoean Cleaner


Photo of Sahanan Hatlor Mr. Sahanan Hatlor
Photo of Nasaree Maha Mr. Nasaree Maha
Photo of Pratumthip “M” Meesuk Ms. Pratumthip “M” Meesuk
Photo of Muhadmudhasan Miding Mr. Muhadmudhasan Miding
Photo of Vijittra Nuansisai Ms. Vijittra Nuansisai

UWC Mission

UWC Makes Education a Force to Unite People, Nations and Cultures for Peace and Sustainable Future.

UWC Thailand Motto

Good Heart, Balanced Mind, Healthy Body.

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