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Last December, Grade 4 went on a field trip to visit a local charity- the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre, where we learned about the gibbons’ diet and the daily costs the centre had to pay to feed the gibbons which tally’s up to 2000 Baht per day.

In January, Grade 4 thought it would be a positive move to donate the 36,000 Baht raised from the Grade 4 Marketplace to buy food for the gibbons. Other students were quick to realise that our Grade 4 Marketplace funds would only feed gibbons for just 18 days, and that would not be a good long term plan. So an idea arose to start a garden, or small farm, here on our spacious UWC Thailand campus to help provide long term support for the gibbons.

Since then, Grade 4 has reignited their interests and passion to support the gibbons, and brainstormed ideas in groups- What we should grow; What tools and timeline would we need; Who could we ask to help us and support this project; Where should we build this garden. After brainstorming ideas, students presented their ideas to the rest of the group.

As school switched to online learning, Grade 4 students were encouraged to continue their Service Learning at home. One student took action by creating this video presentation to promote the new class project. We hope this video inspires you to take action yourself.

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