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If you have been on our campus recently, you may have heard the gentle chiming of brass bells as the wind blows through the passage way of our main Administration building. Our new donor ‘Tree of Gratitude’ is hanging near the library stairs and its chimes are a gentle reminder of the generosity shown by our community and our gratitude in return.

The Tree of Gratitude holds a Bodhi leaf inscribed with the name of every donor in order to recognise the financial contributions made to the school since becoming a UWC.

As donations come in, and generosity continues within our community, the UWCT ‘Tree of Gratitude’ will continue to grow.

The installation is also inspired by Thai culture where the Bodhi Tree plays a significant role. Buddhism originated in the 6th century BC, founded by Prince Siddhartha, who eventually achieved the ultimate goal of enlightenment after spending 49 days of meditating under a bodhi tree. As a result, he became Buddha or the “Awakened One.”

In many temples across Thailand and South-East Asia, the brass Bodhi leaf has become a symbol of wisdom, growth, and deliverance and is seen hanging at many sacred sites (often after a donation to the temple has been made).

In the centre of the UWCT ‘Tree of Gratitude’ hangs a large bell, in recognition of the school’s founder, Klaus Hebben, whose dedication to providing an “education like no other” has seen the school actualize over the past 10 years. Additional bells surround the individual leaves and these are in recognition of major donors who have made significant contributions towards the school. These include scholarship founders and our graduating classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019 who pledged to support the UWC movement every year.

If you want to support the school’s scholarship programme, you can do so easily through PayPal HERE. Khop Khun Ka!

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