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The UWCT pizza oven building project started in Term 2, 2018 as a Saturday morning CCA for members of the boarding house. The aim of the project was to build something that would be functional and bring the community together. A wood-fired pizza oven certainly ticks those boxes! Students were keen to get involved by digging, brandishing power tools, chiseling stone, pouring concrete, laying bricks, plastering and more. It was very much a hands-on ‘learn from your mistakes’ kind of project (realizing that building a roof first would have been wise in retrospect considering the time of year). The project certainly took us longer than expected to complete, but I think the results and student learning made it worth the wait.  

To date, we have raised 15,000 Baht in pizza sales, selling pizzas at Multicultural Day, the Winter Gala, and Arts Day. We held a couple of weekend pizza sessions for boarders to enjoy pizza (for free), including a G12 farewell pizza party prior to the Graduation Ceremony. Over the course of these events we have certainly improved our pizza cooking skills! We would like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for pizza, and your understanding if your slice was slightly charred or under-cooked! Our appreciation goes to the Parent Support Group for financing the construction of this project, as well as key members of the school community who gave their sweat and time to build this oven. Thank you also to those parents who have prepared dough for these events.

Next year, the Pizza Group will become a self-sufficient student-run business. Students will plan events, budget, cook and fundraise. However, we need your help for this to be successful. A group of teachers, parents and students will sign up for a year-long commitment to plan and facilitate events. With this larger pool of volunteers, we will run the oven once every couple of months, make dough, cook or prepare the pizzas. We are looking for up to 10 parent volunteers who can support the students next year, to assist in purchasing materials, lighting fires and helping the students in their first year of business. A Saturday workshop will be held in August to learn how the oven works, and to cook and enjoy some pizza. If you are enthusiastic to support our community in this role, please contact Kru Ned directly or speak to the UWCT Parent Support Group. 

We have created a five-minute construction time-lapse video of the pizza oven. Sit back and take a short break while you learn how to put a wood-fired oven together. Koh hai sanook kap!

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