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At the beginning of the New Year, UWCT organinsed the ทำบุญตักบาตร Tam Boon Tak Bart: The Merit making. We have invited nine monks from Tha Rua temple to bless our school and community.

Tam Boon Tak Bart: The Merit making was a compassionate action towards the people who we want to see getting education by donating to them what we had. I thank the UWCT community who put this event, because it gave me an opportunity to help the children learn, which means a lot to me. It also was a privilege to be part of the ceremony and I wish them good luck!!! (Navin Varshachay Subhechha – नवीन वर्षाच्या शुभेच्छा)

by Rutuja รุธุจา G.11

Number 9 (๙ เก้า ) means moving forward or making progress. This year we focused on sharing and the monks education as well. As the community we offered the dhamma books, lotus flower which symbolises the knowledge and wisdom for life. Thank you very much for participating respectfully. Be peaceful and Sathu kha อนุโมทนาบุญ สาธุค่ะ ครูกนก ชูภักดิ์

The ทำบุญตักบาตร merit-making ceremony was an opportunity to appreciate the devotion and dedication of valued members of our community- the monks. We learnt the importance of sharing- not only in terms of tangible gifts but also to share our joy, experiences and well-wishing. It was a time for the entire UWCT family to come together to show gratitude. Makorokoto negoredzva!

By Tecluhhh เทคลา G.11


The merit-making ceremony was an amazing opportunity to witness the culture of Thailand. It allowed us to share this moment of understanding with the whole school as well. We were able to come together, the whole UWCT Family, and engage in this ceremony and enjoying the act of giving. नयाँ वर्षको शुभकामना!! (Naya barsako subhakamana)

Aadiivaa อาดิวา G.11

Yesterday was a nice day! It was great to experience a ceremony that is very different from what I have experienced. I gave toothbrushes and pencils as it symbolise cleaning my mind and good knowledge in life. I appreciated the prayers even though I didn’t know what they said. The flowers : Lotus (dok-bua) and Marigold (dok-dao-ruang) were beautifully decorated and participating in it made me love the Thai culture more. I am thankful for the community for preparing this as even though we are an international school, we must also celebrate the culture of the country we are in. Heri ya mwaka mpya!

By Aliya – علياء – อลิญา G11

Yesterday’s ceremony was very nice because we were all able to share and give all that we had as little as a pencil or water. The act of giving was very heartwarming and very beautiful. It was also a way for the community to come together because we all share the same values and mission. I love how everything was well put together and how beautifully the offerings were made. It was a peaceful and loving event showing how kind and wonderful we are as human. I am very grateful we all are allowed to share and experience this beautiful culture regardless of our nationalities or our background. Khob khun maak kha: Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity and I wish everyone a very happy new year.

By Frances G11 ฟรานเซส

The merit making ceremony is a great opportunity to make sure that all the students get a chance to experience meaningful aspects of Thai culture, regardless of how much time they have outside of school. As we are in Thailand, we should be embracing the culture here. I especially enjoyed the music played at the end of the ceremony, and hearing the blessing of the monks. This made me feel cared for, even though I could not understand.

Claire แคลร์ G11 : Happy new year! Also 新年快乐 (xin nian kuai le)
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