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On November 22, UWCT community celebrated ลอยกระทง Loy Krathong, Diwali and Thanksgiving together. We”loy” (floated) the Krathong that were made of banana leaves to honor Pramae-Kongkaa พระแม่คงคา the water Goddess and raise the awareness of the need to take care of the environment. Khob khun took-kon maak kha.- Kru Kanok and Thai Department.

Loy Krathong was one of my most beautiful moments of these two years in UWC Thailand. It is very symbolic and a significant festive tradition in Thailand.

Seeing the beauty of a different culture makes me remember my unique culture and teaches me to embrace other’s tradition and culture.

This year, I danced a Thai dance with my friends and I felt really glad and beautiful at the same time:) I learned a new dance and made good memories as well. A few years later, I will recall this moment and smile”

– Sonam G.12 | Nepal

“We all learned something today. While making the Krathong and during process of floating the Krathong on the water, we were able to be more present and mindful. Everyone enjoyed performing together and sharing our culture on this day because the learning process was meaningful.”

– Guosheng G.12 | China
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